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M&Ms with three sides!
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m&m candies with three sides (curved). 2 is so passe.


funp, May 27 2003

Toblerone http://www.toblerone.com/
Well it is triangular. [Aristotle, Oct 17 2004]

Everlasating Gobstopper http://www.bladeste...ges/props/gob_a.jpg
The thing on the left. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]

Where M&M came from - scroll near bottom http://www.bradrees...e-candy-company.htm
"Murrie & Mars" Bruce Murrie, son of a Hershey president, funded Forrest Mars in the creation of M&M's [Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]


       More surface area!   


       (Extra points if you expand this to four dimensions.)
rapid transit, May 27 2003

       r t - just suck.
po, May 27 2003

       No, a two sided M&M would be of infinite thinness and zero weight, ergo impossible.   

       M&Ms are composed of a fractal surface of infinite complexity whose limits tend to that of a compressed spheroid.   

       A three sided M&M would be too pointy.
FloridaManatee, May 27 2003

       Think of all the children who throw M&M's at each other who'll get their eyes poked out by the corners...
oatcake, May 27 2003

       But M&M's only have one side.
waugsqueke, May 27 2003

       Expand this to four dimensions? Okay, how about a regular m&m over a period of time?
Jezzie, May 27 2003

       I like it...   

       I can't think of any triangular-shaped candies @ the moment, so this @ least, sounds original.
smileydudette, May 28 2003

       I wondered what on earth 3M's email domain name was doing on this site.
PeterSilly, May 29 2003

       Triangular chocolate? Toblerone!
Aristotle, May 29 2003

       3D M&M's coming at you.   

       or go with the M-theory and make it an mmmmmmmmmmm (11-d m&m) imagine if a rapper used it as his name!
benlevi7, May 29 2003

       Isn't the name normally on the wrapper?
Worldgineer, May 29 2003

       what is the point of having 3 sided M&M's??   

       They'd taste the same
Pericles, May 29 2003

       M&M worm-holes.
Tiger Lily, May 30 2003

       Fogfreak, think truncated cone.
egbert, May 30 2003

       yum, 3 sided m&ms i like it, but the company would still have to include the same number of m&ms in a packet - thus more chocolate!
peppina, May 31 2003

       Would'nt the m&m's break the package?
The Tick, May 31 2003

       not if they have rounded edges....
peppina, Jun 02 2003

       I think the best notation for this would be m^3
kulturkrash, Jun 02 2003

funp, Jun 03 2003

       Why are they called M&Ms in the first place? Each one has but a single 'M' on it. They should just be called Ms.
mrthingy, Jun 20 2003

       is there an M on each side? if yes, hence M & Ms. so these would be M & M & Ms?
po, Jun 20 2003

       I think there's only an M on one side. The other is Mless. But maybe somebody should check.
mrthingy, Jun 20 2003

       Mless - didn't even need to check. Though they aren't named for the letter on them anyway (would be a bit silly). See my link about the Mars family secret.
Worldgineer, Jun 20 2003


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