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LED Messaging Service

Yet another way to communicate via cell phone
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Most of us are familiar with the standard LED message signs that use a fairly large 2 dimensional array of LED's to communicate information.

Many of us are probably familiar with the "persistence of vision" clocks which use a small 1 dimensional array of LED's to display time. The second dimension is created by moving the array and letting the human eye and brain "think" that they're seeing a 2 dimensional display.

Now to the point: Add a one dimensional array of LED's down the side or in the keyboard or on the back or wherever on a cellular phone to create a persistence-of-vision messaging system. The necessary motion would be supplied by the user holding the phone and waving it side to side in the air in a 3 or 4 foot wide arc.

The speed and direction of motion would be detected by one or more accelerometers in the phone. The programming would be done via the telephone keypad as is done for SMS text messages.

An LED, visible to the user and separate from the array, could flash at an appropriate rate to provide pacing cues to the user/waver for optimal display. The LED pacing flashes would represent the points in time that would optimally coincide with the maximum left and right positions of the phone in the air. A visual metronome sort of thing.

Optional would be a method for attaching a stick for waving the phone up higher in the air.

(Note: this has been posted before, under a now deleted account, for the purpose of yet again proving that ideas are not summarily rejected when the author is not a longstanding halfbaker.)

half, Nov 19 2004

Baked, sometime before the second posting. Don't remember the date of the original posting. http://www.engadget...es-light-messaging/
I'm shocked that none of y'all told me about that phone/accessory. "Wave banner" [half, Feb 03 2006]

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       (This annotation has been posted before, under this same account, for the purpose of yet again proving that I like certain ideas enough to write "nice.")
bristolz, Nov 19 2004

       too clever by half+
theircompetitor, Nov 19 2004

       + again.
Shz, Nov 19 2004

       Another variation on the theme would be to have the antenna extend and swing from side to side. There would be LED's embedded on the antenna to provide the persistant effect.
ayt, Nov 19 2004

       Originally, I framed this partially as a more sophisticated replacement for "lighter waving" at concerts - to spell out "encore", etc.   

       Now I wonder if instead of LED's, it could be done with an array of individual electronically controlled butane flames.
half, Nov 23 2004

       specially trained fire flies?
etherman, Nov 23 2004


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