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LED lip-film

Because there will only be progress in the making of flexible and smaller electronic devices
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Walking by the cosmetics section of a store today, a sign advertising Really Shiny Glossy Lipstick caught my eye.


Apply a thin plastic film to the lips, containing flexible electronics full of red LEDs (light-emitting diodes), powered by the temperature difference between the skin and the air. Your lips will now be shinier than ever!

Vernon, Dec 04 2013


       It won't suit you, [vernon]
pocmloc, Dec 05 2013

       Hey, I specified "you" in the main text, as a user of this Idea, not myself!
Vernon, Dec 05 2013

       But will my lips still be kissable soft?
AusCan531, Dec 05 2013

       [AusCan531], I suppose it depends on how thin the plastic film is.   

       To All, there is a tech problem with this Idea that makes it Half-Baked (or at least more-difficult to actually- Bake). Some extra power source for the LEDs will be required. If there was enough energy available from the difference between air-temperature and the surface-temperature of lips, to power glowing lights, the lips probably would already be glowing....   

       A possible compromise might be for the electronics to include some energy-storage capacitors, which are slowly charged while the LEDs are NOT glowing. Sensors detecting muscle movements would trigger the LEDs only when the wearer manipulates the lips into a big smile....
Vernon, Dec 05 2013


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