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Luxury Car Humidore
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The 'L.C.H.' (ha, branding has to start somewhere) is a completely controlled environment to lift your car or motorcycle and maintain it through the off-season months. With someone always on call for when you want to take it out. Build this next to a race track, and you've got year round income and an easy way to get more people on your track in the summer! Add a complete detailing for added benefit. It would turn into a pseudo car museum, looking somewhat like Jay Leno's garage where you can see all the great cars stored there. A member's only museum. Ahh...there's another added percieved value.

An important aspect to make this succeed, is promoting the community aspect of car lovers. Promote gatherings of a few times a year. The target for this seems to be those with sports cars starting at $40k, with a yearly income of $100k+. Perhaps you could add a 'rebuilders bay' for the weekend mechanic who always wanted to restore an old car.

ideahound, Dec 09 2004

L.M.H. http://ideahound.bl...y-car-humidore.html
Idea Hound description [ideahound, Dec 09 2004]

So you don't mean this? http://translate.go...Ecom%2Foct03d%2Ehtm
"It must be no disadvantage, if on push of a button first erroneously opens bar with Karaffen and glaesern from polished crystal or a Zigarrenhumidor." [Worldgineer, Dec 09 2004]

Or this? http://www.watchcit...item.phtml?id=51746
[Worldgineer, Dec 09 2004]


       I think there are enough people with enough money to make this successful, if you choose your location carefully.
Worldgineer, Dec 09 2004


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