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Purse/briefcase storage

Under the seat compartment for a purse/door pocket for briefcase
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What if the driver could flip up the passenger seat and put a purse, lunch etc. inside. And our current car has a pretty big pocket in the door where you can put things. What if it was a little bigger and you could put a briefcase inside it. Then you wouldn't have to retrieve stuff from the back seat or trunk (when you have passengers). I guess it would be hard to get something out of your purse on the road if you had a passenger, but you could think about that beforehand and grab some money out.
smylly, Jan 03 2001

Lamborghini Diablo SV briefcase storage http://www.lambocar...hres/diablogt49.jpg
As described by [lost not found], under front hood. [jutta, Jan 03 2001]


       the Lamba Diablo SV has a briefcase storege place in the front of the car and it comes with a briefcase to go with it. (this is the only storege that you get)
lost not found, Jan 27 2001

       The older Caravan / Voyager had a drawer beneath the passenger seat, with a lock. <I dunno if the newer ones have it, I don't work there anymore>
StarChaser, Jan 28 2001

       Of course the Caravan doesn't come with that anymore.   

       What were you thinking?
dumbassengineer, Jun 30 2001

       I was thinking that I hadn't seen one since I stopped working for Avis, five years ago.
StarChaser, Jun 30 2001

       It should be portable, too, so you can take your briefcase or purse with you ANYWHERE.   

jester, Oct 06 2001

       I like the idea of the under-seat drawer or at least a flip-down door. If you're on a road trip, you can stow your stuff under your own seat and easily retrieve it without having to stop the car and/or get off your seat.
XSarenkaX, Feb 27 2004


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