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practice trunk

Pack to your car's dimensions, in the house.
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Packing a car for moving is sometimes an exercise in micro-adjustments, putting this box in just-so, finding out how many pairs of socks can be crammed beneath the folded rear seats, etc. It sometimes involves things like realizing that the TV (once properly padded) is two inches bigger in all dimensions than you alloted for it, etc.

What I propose is a lightweight molded packing space that is just less than the size of a car's actual available packing space (these tough plastic shells would be orderable by mail), so all that arrangement and rearrangement can be done inside, while the packers remain unassaulted by weather or ruffians. Once you've come up with an arrangement that seems workable, you can take a photograph / make a sketch, and then efficiently recreate the arrangement in the actual car.

In the alternative, if the packing shell (and the packers) were strong enough, the thing could simply be strapped / zipped / plastic wrapped to prevent spillage, and the whole thing hoisted out to the waiting car, slipped neatly into the space it was designed to replicate.

yhtomit, Dec 02 2005

Car trolley Car_20Shopping_20Cart
Kind of similar idea [fridge duck, Dec 02 2005]


       This sounds like more trouble than just packing the car (twice).
oldchina, Dec 02 2005

       Obligatory "I thought..." post:   

       I thought this would be a nasal appendage, to practice for when we all evolve noses like elephants...
Minimal, Dec 02 2005

       Most grocery wholesalers use a software package that mimics the interior of various kinds of trucks. Just load the software, tell it what products you're sticking in it (it has a product dimension database) and it creates a loading map to get the most out of the truck.   

       Seems to me that that could be adapted.
shapu, Dec 02 2005


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