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For the smoker in every house
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Do you come home and sit your fat a** down comfortably in your lazyboy next to the all new LampFilter, Light up your cuban and think about how many children went hungry today because of your slimy greed problem? With the LampFilter, all your worries are 'filtered' away as that annoying smoke you keep injesting into your blackend lungs is cleaned up, and the air smells fresh.

Just had to give the idea an interesting kick...

TimD, Oct 24 2003

LampFilter http://illdill.org/lampfilter.gif
[TimD, Oct 04 2004]

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       I've seen an application like this for use in smoky bars. It replaces the fan blades on ceiling fans with a toroidal filter that looks like an auto air filter. The fan is put on "high" to spin as rapidly as possible. It did a pretty good job of clearing the smoke out of one of my regular haunts when they were testing them.
krelnik, Oct 24 2003

       Forgive me, what is a haunt?
TimD, Oct 24 2003

       A bar you hang out in regularly.
krelnik, Oct 24 2003

       Ahh, I see, but hopefuly not the hinlaws...
TimD, Oct 25 2003


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