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Lanelines for the Bed

Just like your own lane in the swimming pool...
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Ever had the complaint that you aren't staying on "your" side of the bed? Why not manufacture lane lines similar to ones used in swimming pools for swim races? They could be made out of cotton instead of plastic, a sort of minnature pillow roll if you would. This long, soft, cyndrical divider could be placed between you and your loved one to keep the body on one side of the bed!
krispykremednut, Jul 06 2001

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       I think you are missing some of its other uses such as having small children in bed so that they don't roll off. This is a retrofit to existing beds, of course you could get other beds but that costs a lot of money this is a short term solution.
krispykremednut, Jul 06 2001, last modified Jul 07 2001

       And if a bolster doesn't work, a lobster certainly will.
beauxeault, Jul 06 2001

       Peter, double mattresses also allow one person to toss and turn without the bouncing awakening one's bedmate...
StarChaser, Jul 07 2001

       This could also so be easily accomplished by sewing lines onto the sheets, blankets, and comforters. It would seem a bit obsessive with which side of the bed, but think of the humor factor. Then again some one will have to be the line master, to make sure some one doesn't cross it or you could just use [beauxeault]'s idea!
WvnothingvW, Apr 26 2004


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