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Laptops with built in cellphones

as well as desktops
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Most of cellphones circuitry has been integrated into a single chip, size of a grain.

Cellphones can be made very small and ultra cheap, but bottlenecks are battery, keypad, and display. These can not be made small and cheaper beyond a limit.

I think cost of the actual chip which contains entire cellphone circuit (minus above three things) should be less than a buck.

So, why not integrate these cellphone chips onto laptop motherboards. Power supply, display and keboard interface be provided by host laptop itself. This integrated cellphone can be used for talking as standalone cellphone as a well as for connecting to internet.

I think this addition will increase the costs of a laptop by only few cents.

VJW, Jan 23 2011

Sony - VAIO Laptop http://www.bestbuy....ptop%203G&cp=1&lp=1
Product Features: Embedded 4G WiMAX mobile broadband technology Gives you an ultrafast mobile Internet connection. (Wireless service contract required; sold separately. Check with carrier for coverage area and availability in your area.) [In No Particular Order, Jan 23 2011]

Cell Phone that runs a laptop http://pocketnow.co...e-first-at-best-buy
[MisterQED, Jan 24 2011]

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       I've a thing the size of my finger sticking out of a USB port that is my cellphone modem. I can upgrade it to a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which apparently is a small computer with a buillt-in cellphone chip.
baconbrain, Jan 23 2011

       Looks like the stupidly long shopping URL won't work in the links section, but... way baked.
In No Particular Order, Jan 23 2011

       Widely known to exist. I'm using one right now.
DIYMatt, Jan 23 2011

       What [DIYMatt] said.
8th of 7, Jan 23 2011

       can wimax be used for making phone calls without VOIP ?
VJW, Jan 24 2011

       That question is so dumb it's almost relevant.   

       In theory, yes, if you had the right client setup on your portable device and somehow used NetBIOS or NetBEUI as the actual transport prootcol to the wimax AP; but the spine of the system would still be running IP and the client app would be tunneling TCP/IP over the link ...... it would be VOD rather than VOIP (going back a generation or two), possible, but hardly worth the effort.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2011

       I can just see people walking around with their laptops up to their ears, like boomboxes.
xandram, Jan 24 2011

       Funny thing is, the inverse is just about to be released (link).
MisterQED, Jan 24 2011


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