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Large Print Electronics

Electronics for post 40s
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These electronic devices are 2-5x larger then normal. This allows older folks to look on the back of the device and read the model number, voltage, and other labelling.

It will also help read black on black text inferred by minimal bas relief, as the specular response will be broader.

mylodon, Jul 10 2023


       MINNIE: (OFF, CALLS) There it goes again, Henry. Why don't you stop it?
HENRY: I can't see it, Minnie, I can't find my spectacles.
MINNIE: They're in your trousers, Henry.
BOGG:(OFF, CALLS) Hello? Can we borrow your telephone, please?
HENRY: (CALLS) Did you say in my trousers, Minnie?
BOGG: (OFF, CALLS) No - I said, could I borrow your telephone?
HENRY: (SCREAMS) We haven't got a telephone!
MINNIE: (OFF, CALLS) I know we haven't got a telephone!
BOGG: But I heard it ringin'!
HENRY: (SCREAMS) That was the alarm clock ringing.
MINNIE: (OFF, CALLS) You're right, there it is again, Henry

       ... etc.
pertinax, Jul 10 2023

       Both baked and widely known to exist, at least as far as phones and remote controls go. I’m sure there are other examples.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 20 2023


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