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Laser Ball

Laser tag obstacle course ball game
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- 300 meters long, 25 meters wide, divided into five 5 meter wide lanes
- One end is the "base line"
- 50 meters from base line is the start line (across the width of the field).
- At every 50 meters past the start line, there is an obstacle, such as a rock wall or sand pit, in each lane. Beside each obstacle is a bypass alley, with a gate ("bypass gate"). The play begins with all bypass gates open.
- At the other end is the "end zone" with a goal at the end line of the middle lane - perhaps a soccer-like goal, but smaller.


- Offense: 5 runners wearing Laser-tag targets
- Defense: 5 shooters carrying Laser-tag guns

- Runners begin the play at the start line. The middle runner has the ball (rugby-shaped)
- Shooters begin at the base line.

As soon as a runner crosses the start line, the shooters begin pursuing and shooting at the runners.

If a runner is hit, the next bypass gate in his lane closes, forcing the runner to use the obstacle. The shooter may re-open the gate by shooting and hitting a target on it.

Runners may freely throw the ball to another runner in another lane, but they must stay in their own lanes.

The shooters pursue the runners to tackle them. If a runner is tackled, he is eliminated from the play. If the runner with the ball is tackled (or if a shooter gains possession of the ball), the runner may try to shoot the ball from the spot of the tackle (by throwing, kicking, rolling, etc) into the goal for three points. If the runner with the ball makes it to the end zone, he scores six points, plus may try for an extra point by drop-kicking the ball from the conversion line in his lane.

The game:

A game consists of a set number of "possessions" (time on offense) for each team. A team remains on offense for consecutive plays until it fails to score. If an offense fails to score on a play, its possession is over and the other team becomes offense for the start of the next play.

globaltourniquet, Aug 30 2007


       Alternatively, the guns might be pellet guns, and the runners would wear suits that are sensitive to the pellets. But this would mean the shooters could shoot any runner, and my original thought was that they would only be eligible to shoot the runner they are assigned to pursue. I suppose you could still do this with pellets - I'm not very sure what the differences would be skills-wise.   

       Also, there would be limited "ammunition" for the shooters so they couldn't just shoot haphazardly.
globaltourniquet, Aug 30 2007

       Run, runner!   

       They must dress in Logan-esque clothes.   

       I like it. Original!
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 30 2007

       "There is no sanctuary" <- Laser Ball ad campaign...?
globaltourniquet, Aug 30 2007

       You could go all out. Call the goal 'sanctuary', and have runners and sandmen rather than offense and defense. Score is determined by the color of the jewel embedded in the players' palms.   

       Rather than a shiny trophy, winners get a shiny BOX- BOOOOOXXXX.   

       The LaserBall magazine's one word plea: RENEW!!!   

       LaserBall powerbars: filled with fish- seaweed- protein from the sea!
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 30 2007

       When you reach a certain age, you're kicked out of the league. The Western and Eastern Divisions differ in that for one the age is 21, for the other it's 30.   

       The day of the interleague championship game is known as "Lastday."   

       All the Logan jokes aside, this sounds like fun. Bun.
Xenophile, Jun 30 2012


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