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Yes it popped into my head as a pun. Hopefully it has evolved far enough past the pun stage to not be turfed.
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-The ball: A rough sphere made from ten opposing clamps that look like mandibles which, when closed, form a two inch hole that clamps loosely on a stick. When one mandible closes it forces its opposite to open. The mandibles are padded and do not open enough to do harm to the players limbs.

- Control: The stick used to catch, spin and fling the mandiball would be a shortened quarterstaff with two slightly raised disks located about one foot in from each end. These end segments would colored differently for each team, and are the only way the mandiball may be handled.

-The rules: Play is basically the same as Lacrosse. Although the mandiball may touch the ground and still remain in play, it must be moving at all times. If it ever comes to rest, a toss up from that point on the field resumes play.

-Object: The goal zones on either end of the field will be smaller than a soccer, (football for our UK friends), goal. Goalies are not allowed to touch the mandible with their hands, but have the same sticks as the rest of the team, and may use feet head or torso to deflect goals.

-Points: The "net" is a spider web of interconnected poles of the same diameter as the sticks, but spaced far enough apart to let the ball go through, and points are awarded only if the mandiball grabs one of these on the way through the net. A large area behind the net allows play to continue if the ball goes through. Points vary depending on which area of the net is scored upon, ie. centered directly behind the goalie would have the highest points, while the highest farthest corner would have the least.

Game on!

Inside Lacrosse http://www.insidelacrosse.com/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       So it's lawn hockey(ish)?
phoenix, Aug 13 2003

       Do we get beer and pizza at half-time?
DeathNinja, Aug 13 2003

       I had a similar idea once. Only you used a frisbee, one of the Koosh variety, light, springy--basically a ring about a foot across. The idea was, you could only use your pole (thin and whippy--bamboo was what we used) to stick through the ring and throw, or to intercept or deflect. If the ring went down on the ground and two poles of opposing teams stuck their poles through it, stopping the game, that was a down, like in football. I'm aware of the sexual imagery some of this description might carry, by the way, so don't bother to mention it...of course, now somebody will, but oh well.
Eugene, Aug 13 2003

       Can we have Barry Manilow sing at half-time?
Cedar Park, Aug 14 2003

       Only if both teams get to use their sticks on him after.   

       I give it a plus because the mandiball would be fun to play with outside of the sport as well. +
sartep, Aug 15 2003

       //Only if both teams get to use their sticks on him after//
Before, during and after.
thumbwax, Aug 15 2003


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