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Murder Ball

The ULTIMATE Ball Game
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Murder Ball, a game of skill, team work, and beating living snot out of your opponent.

The pitch is two miles as the crow flies. There is no restriction on the number of players each team, There is no limit to the ammount of teams. This is a cross between hockey, rugby, soccer, shinty and boxing and anything else you can think of. The idea is to score a goal by running out the field while the other team tries to stop you by hitting you with hockey sticks, teeing you with golf clubs and basically beeting you to a pulp, the game isn't over till someone scores, and remember, the games is outside, in the harsh lanscape of the highlands of scotland, where the nettles go up to your chin!

[Murder Ball, the happy, family game]

[ sctld ], Oct 14 2000

Kicksies http://www.log.dial...ayground/def-ko.htm
See the entry for 'Kicksies' - it has features in common with Murderball (and the rest of the site - on UK school playground silliness - is very funny too). By the way [PeterSealy], I went to school with the son of the actor who played the team coach in Rollerball [hippo, Oct 14 2000]


       When I was growing up we used to play a game called "Kill the guy with the ball". Oddly enough the point was to be the guy with the ball for as long as possible. No points, or goals just good old fashioned violence (the kind that is good for you)
blahginger, Oct 14 2000

       Growing up, we used to play the same game blahginger refers to, and we actually called it "Murderball." Though this suggestion sounds more like Brockian Ultra-Cricket.   

       [Do not taunt happy Murder Ball.]
Uncle Nutsy, Oct 14 2000

       Same here, but we called it 'Smear the Queer'. <Don't complain, we were kids.> Throw a ball up in the air, whoever catches it runs like crazy until he's caught and dogpiled.
StarChaser, Oct 15 2000

       Yep, we played murderball at school, too. Boys (it had to be boys, now didn't it?) were divided into two (approximately equal, and very large) teams, whose object was to score "goals" by placing the ball on a mat at the opposite end of the pitch. No weapons were allowed though.
Lemon, Oct 16 2000

       [StarChaser] See 'Kicksies' link
hippo, Oct 16 2000

       we played a game we called nuke 'em. it's a bit like volley ball, but if the "ball" landed on the ground near you, you blew up and died. it was good fun
celizafinn, Oct 16 2000

       <grin!> Thanks for that link, Hippo...it's hysterical...
StarChaser, Oct 17 2000

       As kids, we also played murderball at school, but it was pretty much like dodgeball. The difference was that in dodgeball the ball was a fairly large and soft inflatable rubber ball, whereas in murderball the ball was a helluva lot harder (a football or a tennis ball worked great), and you threw it at your opponent as hard as you could. (Some of the players used a baseball, but that was considered extreme)   

       Our neighborhood had a few broken windows and busted fences, as you might guess.   

       We also invented a variant that used table tennis balls and hunting slingshots, a combination which had enough power to raise a mighty welt on a person without being actually dangerous.
BigThor, Oct 18 2000

       By the way there actually is an official paralympic sport which used to be called "Murder Ball" (it may have been "Death Ball" I'm not sure)   

       It was invented by some rugby players from New-Zealand who had been disabled but did not want to give up their sport. They reinforced their wheelchairs, moved the game onto a basketball court and added in a few ideas from ice hockey.   

       Unfortunately they had to change the name to "Wheelchair Rugby" after they couldn't find a sponsor who would support such a 'dangerous' sounding sport.
chud, Nov 15 2000

       I used to play several games of this sort. My favorite was called something like "extremely peaceful nonviolent constructive community activity" just because our school was like that. In actuallity, there were three balls (the rubber kind) and it was played on the rubber field which was our equivilant to wood chips. Basically anyone who had the ball ran around til they got tackled. If they were tackled while holding the ball, no penalty. If they had no ball, and were tackled, the person who tackled them got a point. Lots of fun. I was very good at it.
oooga, Nov 21 2000

       Smear The Queer, hmmmmmm, brings back memories of ass kickings and friendship.
cletusboy, Dec 31 2000

       our schools game was 'dobs' where a tennis ball is thrown against a wall and the person that catches it can throw it at anyone they like(or dislike) only rules there were was if it bounced first you had to catch it one handed and if you fumbled you got beaten up until you could reach the pole   

       my favourite tactic was to just to throw it hard enough at the wall that it would hurt someone on the rebound so i didnt have to go through the danger of fumbling a catch   

       another favourite was 'manhunt' which was supposed to be a 'tag' style 'hidenseek' with a home pole but eventually developed into really poor hiding places followed by a mad sprint as soon as the person 'up' moved from the bin (no poles were suitably available in the area of the playground that was 'ours')
chud, Sep 16 2001


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