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Sharing the best sites

A formal mechanism which easily allows to share the good site that you come acorss
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Mechanism: Browser Toolbar

Input: Operation: You can rate any site that you come accorss (+ve 0 -ve)

Background Operation: If Enough people rate the site good, enter in the database. (Employ mechanism to prevent spam similar to google) Categorize the site by topic.

Use: Other users can see what you have surfed. Give the users site from the database when they select a topic.

Advantage: Best site collection for given topic as constantly surfed by the users and easily usable.

artist, Aug 04 2003

Like this? http://www.alexa.com/
Started in 1996. Never got on with it myself, though. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]

Stumble Upn http://www.stumbleupon.com
Stumble Upon [artist, Oct 04 2004]

Tickle Share http://web.tickle.com
New way to share your bookmarks and make friends [drizzlein, Dec 12 2004]

(??) Alexa http://securityresp.../spyware.alexa.html
and you are correct [drizzlein] [cromagnon, Dec 12 2004]


       The opinions of anonymous web surfers are meaningless to me.
snarfyguy, Aug 04 2003

       If you can trust google or yahoo to make the judgement for you as what is good, you can definitely use the collective best resources of other users, filtered to delete the crap
artist, Aug 04 2003

       With alexa you have to give the pesonal information which should not be the case.   

       No shareware, no ads, no pop-ups, not collection of website page even, just the best sites given for your topic given to you.   

       May be you can select the topic from Toolbar and get the sites what you want. Resource input can very.
artist, Aug 04 2003

       Ok, we are not defining the best, we are defining the good sites that other people might like ..which you have found and great in your opinion. The quality of the best can vary from person to person.
artist, Aug 04 2003

       At some level, isn't this what blogging is all about? Many blogs (Slashdot being a notable example) are just lists of links that the writer found interesting, followed by a discussion of why. Just find a blog of this type that mirrors some of your interests, and you are all set.
krelnik, Aug 05 2003

       It has been alexa at first provided related links. But it is rated as data stealer by some adaware programs. When netspeed is slow alexa reduced browsing speed. Stumbleupon provide the best of both worlds, voting and social networking. Sharing of bookmarks is a wonderful experience with stumbleupon.
drizzlein, Dec 12 2004

       Now http://Digg.com has come into limelight and almost created a word in computer dictionary "diggation" but dont provide I dont like it. It is just what we like. If more people like it it comes to front page and it is hot with indicators of how much hot it is. www.reddit.com, www.del.icio.us, www.blinklist.com, www.shadows.com and so many others. Now we are seeing the internet as a social networking place.
drizzlein, Jun 25 2006


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