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Lava Kettle

have some tea with your brownies
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High-temperature wax, filling the void between inner and outer glass shells of this minimalist design boiler (along with a clear slightly-lighter liquid), absorbs and reflects incident light from the heating-element/burner.

As the kettle heats up the wax melts, rising and falling in liquid blobs as its density varies.

FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2012

nods to [fishrat]'s inspiring Snow_20Scene_20Kettle
[FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2012]

LED internally illuminated glass kettle http://www.yuppiech...ma-cordless-kettle/
(not the same thing but worth a look-see at the vid) [FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2012, last modified Oct 17 2012]

Sorta-prior-art Lava_20Mug
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 20 2012]


       I suggest moving both this and the linked idea to the category product:kettle.
Loris, Oct 17 2012

       your suggestion accepted and acted upon after much consideration and a bit of hand-wringing, at an opportune moment of inspiration. thanks.
FlyingToaster, Oct 17 2012

       [xandram] I deleted your linked image because it was of the LED-lit kettle featured in my second link (which article contains the same picture).   

       Note that while very cool indeed, that one will only be interesting when the water is actually boiling, ie: when you should be unplugging it and making a pot.   

       The Lava Kettle does that too, albeit in black-body radiation red and behind the main show (which starts as soon as the kettle gets warm), if you let it continue to boil when the water's ready to be poured.
FlyingToaster, Oct 17 2012

My Lava Java idea has left the building...

T'was redundant. I remember now. [link]


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