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MP3 Kettle

Be the hit at your next tea party
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A kettle can be handy to have with you when you may fancy a cup of tea. Simply find an electrical power socket, some water and you are on your way.

The problem here though, is that walking about the high street brandishing a kettle is frowned upon by many.

If located on the side - just near the water level indicator - was a USB port with control buttons and LCD screen that stored and played your favourite jingles through accompanying earphones - you may not stand out quite so much.

As most kettles fit neatly and securely in your hand, many people will enjoy the comfort and security of mobile tea and tunes.

You may also carry your wallet, lipstick, carkeys etc inside - but take care to remove these items before brewing.

benfrost, Sep 12 2005

melodic kettle whistler Melodic_20Kettle_20Whistler
[benfrost, Sep 13 2005]


       Of course the cool white kettles with the slick rotary controls will only make Earl Grey and PG Tips whereas the cheap looking clones will make anything. Except Earl Grey. Unless you purchase a third-party tea converter on eBay.
wagster, Sep 12 2005

       I suspect fewer people would get mugged for their iPods if the iPods contained scalding water.
wagster, Sep 12 2005

       I was half expecting an over-engineered kettle that played an MP3 of a whistle when the thermocouple inside and the vapour pressure detector indicated that the contents were boiling, irrespective of altitude.

An obvious bun for an invention that allows CKCD* sufferers like myself to get on with their daily lives, free from the fear of persecution and ridicule.
* Compulsive Kettle-Carrying Disorder.
coprocephalous, Sep 12 2005

       Will it whistle the tunes, too?
Dub, Sep 12 2005

       Farmerjohn had an idea like that. see link
benfrost, Sep 13 2005


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