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Melodic Kettle Whistler

Steam-driven, music-making, spout signaler doesn't just whistle Dixie.
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This teakettle's spout sports no ordinary whistle. Depending on the insert, it can play the opening bars of Yankee Doodle, God Save the Queen, Waltzing Matilda or five other melodies. The perforated insert rotates coaxially in the spout, as steam rushes past its blades. As its up to 16 holes are exposed one by one through a slot, the whistle takes on different tones.

So if your stereo is kaput, turn your party into a tea dance with steaming hot hits and later retire to the sauna, let the kettle boil on the hot rocks and beat your bench buddy with birch branches to the music.

FarmerJohn, Sep 25 2002


       Well yes if you did all that, you could have kettle drums too.
FarmerJohn, Sep 25 2002

       I'd like the opening bars to The Scorpions' 1992 glasnostastic Ruskyhit, Wind of Change.
General Washington, Sep 25 2002

       Excellent idea, which I hope is baked as I'm about to go out and buy a kettle this weekend.
DrBob, Sep 25 2002

       You could have a little steam-driven pipe organ accesory, maybe with player piano reels.
discontinuuity, Sep 13 2005

       Yes! I was just about to invent this but luckily a quick search showed me that you had beaten me to it. I was going for the steam-driven pipe organ angle myself.. maybe a little ooom-paaa-paaa and some calliope music.   

       Or even better... it could just yodel. I really do like a good yodel.   

       Does anyone know if this actually exists in the physical world?
ionsfromzion, Oct 10 2006

       (sheepish)this appeared within Viz magazine in the form of a advertisement(sheepish)
skinflaps, Oct 10 2006


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