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Lawn Ninjas

Ninja Lawn Gnomes
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Da ultimate in home security....DA LAWN NINJA!!!!! Jest put down da patented Ninja Cannon in behind a bush and when a thief or a salesman walks up to your door press da button and the Ninja Cannon shoots out an infinite supply of Lawn Ninjas to defend your fortress. Pleese specify your perferred model.

Swordsman, throwing star expert, Kung-Fu, Karate, Mind Control, Gangsta, or Hillbilly/Redneck w/Shotgun.

Chickenfish, Nov 13 2008

ebonics translator http://joel.net/EBONICS/translator.asp
an' i be droppin dis here webpage, jus hookin up ma peeps wit some ill dope. [samosa_pirate, Nov 15 2008]

Gninja Gnomes http://www.thegreen...en-gnome-statue.php
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 03 2013]


       fatal flaw: You would have to be home in order to *press da button*, so these Ninjas would be useless as home security. Home security usually involves something to protect your home when you are not there.
xandram, Nov 14 2008

       We dusnt need no stinkin' Ninjas. We be bustin' a cap in yo motherfuckin' ass all by our peaceluvin' kentucky lickin' selves. Peace out, H to da Izzo, v to da Izzay.   

       I notice you said //da patented Ninja Cannon//. I presume you meant *dose* patented Ninja Cannons. It is obvious that these come in a 2pac.   

       Fuck off troll.
4whom, Nov 14 2008

       HA! lulz roflz etcz YOU SHOWDEM FULE! Jest pressin all da bu''ins aiit!   

       Oh, and one other thing, would you mind keeping it real? Thanks.   

       s.p. perferred
zen_tom, Nov 14 2008

       What chu jest call me u fucking stoopid hillbilly!?
Chickenfish, Nov 14 2008

       clicklicker? one who licks clicks? Is there something I'm not getting here. [marked-for-deletion] magic //infinite supply//.
daseva, Nov 14 2008

       Yeah, go play the pink oboe somewhere else.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 15 2008

       He's quoting a Gorrilaz song on his profile. So, you know.. he's not really to blame for his... umm... lack of...   

       Hey, if he is such a new guy, how would he know enough to post a garden gnome/ninja idea?
daseva, Nov 15 2008

       I liked Gorillaz when they first came out! esp. the one about "I got sunshine in a bag..."
Do you think he's one of them?
xandram, Nov 15 2008

       In which case he's not plagiarising.   

       i's confoozed innit
Mony a Mickle, Nov 15 2008

       //Do you suppose he might be using a Gorilla Proxy?//   

       hats off to UnaBubba for that one. And looks like many bakers might have had a rough week, judging by the collective shit being taken on this poor chap.   

       In other words, dis here foo' iz trying ta bring ninjas ta da party, but mu'fukka got told by all da peeps in da crib. Ya' know what I'm sayin'?
samosa_pirate, Nov 15 2008

       No. What are you saying ? Doooo Youuuuu Speeeeeek Eeeeeennn-Gleeeesh ?   

       We're so sorry, he's from Barcelona.   

       <Fawlty Towers Trivia>   

       Manuel is from Barcelona. Therefore, his first (native) language is most likely not Spanish, but Catalan. Unsurprisingly, he struggles with the appaling Castilian Spanish spoken to him by Basil Fawlty.   

8th of 7, Nov 15 2008


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