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Lawn Rover

Patrols and maintains lawn
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A small robotic machine that moves slowly around the lawn, mowing, cleaning up dog doolies, checking for dry areas and adjusting the sprinkers, sensing the soil to make sure about nutrient levles and adding fertilizer as needed, scans for insects and applies necessary insecticide, has motion detectors scanning for intruders and sounds an alram inside if any unauthorised entities enter lawn area. I can think of dozens of sensors and applications for such a device...it would be about the size of a small toy wagon or lawn chair. It would return to a charging jack at night to recharge...or perhaps it could be regharged with solar panels. It would send a signal to your computer by wireless to alert you to replenish it's fertilizer and insecticides or empty the waste container.

Comment: Sorry about the caps...I won't make that mistake again. Also, Yes, there are tiny random roveing mowers...but this carries the idea to it's needful apex. I thought it might spark an enlightening discussion on other accessories a "lawn rover" might make useful to us puny humans. However, destructive and close minded criticisms of this light hearted idea might prove useful, too.

Blisterbob, Sep 27 2005


       Techno magic, methinks, though you can already get robotic lawn mowers. Perhaps if you drew a picture?
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005

       [admin: Idea name changed from SHOUTY CASE to Title Case. Please don't use caps to make your idea stand out.]
st3f, Sep 27 2005


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