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Lazy Susan Utility Belt

Because reaching behind you just isn't convenient
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Belt with ball bearing connection to another belt. The inner belt isn't connected to pants using belt loops, but instead attaches using clips. The outer belt has connections for tools of all varieties and spins freely about the inner belt.
Worldgineer, Jan 17 2006

Ball Bearing Belt Inspiration [Worldgineer, Jan 17 2006]

Conveyer Belt Conveyer_20Belt
[theircompetitor, Jan 17 2006]


       Motorized & battery powered, of course.
half, Jan 17 2006

       with seemingly magical hula-hoop attachment.
zen_tom, Jan 17 2006

       All optional. Along with the voice command feature. "Hammer right" places your hammer on your right side. "Help, attacker!" spins furiously.
Worldgineer, Jan 17 2006

       .." Robin! Quick! Pass me the Bat Shark Repellant from your Lazy Susan Utility Belt!"..
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 17 2006

       Why do you want the belt to help attackers?
fridge duck, Jan 18 2006

hippo, Jan 18 2006

       Superb idea [world], but verging on the redundant with [tc]'s conveyor belt. The only difference being that yours is a bearing mounted dual belt arrangement and [tc]'s uses "the latest in electric muscle technology and NASA's snake robotics".
wagster, Jan 18 2006

       It wouldn't have to be too complex. I can even imagine a teflon-based belt with only one moving part (similar to the one described in Ball Bearing Belt). Besides, have you seen the abuse airport luggage carousels take? They are quite complex and have mostly the same function.
Worldgineer, Jan 18 2006

       I hope it comes with... um... protection.
RayfordSteele, Jan 19 2006

       Dim Sum or the sushi on little boats?
Worldgineer, Jan 19 2006

       Could come with a bat-atomizer for chili powder - when waiters get stuck in those tough situations.   

       I do so very much like this idea.
shapu, Jan 19 2006

       Shall it be hot curry powder, parmesean, or "Russian Roulette?"
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2006


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