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Left Turn for a Quarter

At an intersection allowing right turn on red, Sell a left turn on red for a Quarter.
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Left turns cross traffic. Most right turns do not. ( And the other way round in some places. ) So we will use an elevator and ramp to get around the hold up.


You are in the front of the left turn lane, you see a sign that says "Left turns during red allowed for a quarter". A convenient coin slot appears at your window. You put in a quarter.

Something blocks/locks the wheels of your car. An elevator pops you and your car up to down ramp and you quickly drive forward. The elevator drops to street level before the light goes green, but you have driven down and left and are soon merging into the left bound traffic.

If you had not driven forward in time, you and the car would have dropped back into line as though nothing had happened. We keep the quarter. You had your chance.

Car and vehicles too big for the elevator just get ignored. The"Left turns during red allowed for a quarter" goes blank for them.

popbottle, May 03 2017

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       "That's it, just a quarter turn to the left."
AusCan531, May 04 2017


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