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Lego Croissant

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I saw a Lego Croissant at the Lego website and I just had to create this image.
BJS, Jan 06 2008

Half of a Lego Croissant on a Plate for 50¢ http://i211.photobu...nt.gif?t=1199583721
It took me a few hours, and I forgot to add the shadow... [BJS, Jan 06 2008]

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       The real one looks much more appetizing.
BJS, Jan 06 2008

       LOL! Fantastic. As i said, i have a plaaaaaaaan.   

       What do you mean by "real"? Surely they're both just pixels? Actually, was there originally a real croissant?
nineteenthly, Jan 06 2008

       I think it looks like a baby-bottle nipple.
xandram, Jan 08 2008

       It looks like it's made of luncheon meat.
skinflaps, Jan 08 2008

       It looks more like a mechanical croissant than a Lego one.
Shadow Phoenix, Jan 08 2008

       IK3A flatpack croissant! Fold out for parties. Fold back to store. Butteries not included. Posts sold seperately.
4whom, Jan 09 2008


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