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Lego furniture

Interlocking lumber used to create modular furniture
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Legos in their current incarnation would be too unwieldy and probably wouldn't bear the weight of one or more humans. You'd use larger and stronger pieces. I'm picturing column-type pieces designed to hold vertical weight (1' long and stackable, with shorter extender pieces available), flat panels (varying sizes) designed to bear more distributed weight, and strong girder-type pieces to act as a frame. Add a few specialized pieces(hinges, snap-on rails for drawers, maybe some veneer panels, etc.), and lots of cushioning for chairs/sofas/beds, and you're set. And if you change your mind, take it apart and change the design.

Biggest problems are manufacturing costs (higher than lumber and nails, even after design costs are recovered), possible liability for people who build something unstable and damage themselves or their property (though I don't think they'd be any more liable than, e.g., IKEA when someone puts together their furniture improperly), and what to do with leftover pieces (need an awfully big bucket to store Legos that are a few feet long each).

bookworm, Jun 15 2000

Meccano http://www.meccano.com/
Giant Meccano pieces might be a better solution than giant Lego pieces [hippo, Jun 15 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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Baked, after a fashion. [egnor, Jun 15 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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This now exists for RVs. [bookworm, Sep 13 2023]


       That sounds like a lot of fun...Storage would be a serious problem, tho.   

       Would be nice to be able to have 'built in' furniture you could change on a reasonably determined whim. Other problems would be weight, to be able to support people it's got to be a fairly sturdy thing...   

       Maybe make the base pieces with special connectors so they had to be on the bottom, so the stuff had enough weight and support, to avoid problems with stupidity...
StarChaser, Jun 15 2000

       Storage wouldn't be a problem. You could just build a giant box out of more Lego, and put your Lego furniture in it.
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       Actually, LEGO furniture would be great for storage. Since a LEGO piecewhen attached to another piece has a lot of space inside of it, you can take advantage of this. Just fill the empty voids betwen the legos with something you want to store or to hide. Of course, to get to it you have to take apart your furniture...
lockle, Aug 16 2000

       So what's the real benifit of lego furniture? You can make new furniture every so often, but you have to make new furniture every so often.
Slayter, Jun 18 2002

       I have a shelf built using a similar principle. It is modular and can be built in several ways, depending on how you arrange the tubes and boards. Since I have been moving a lot lately, it's great to have furniture that adapts to different square footages. As far as making furniture out of legos, that's as frigging modular as it gets, and it's fun, too.
polartomato, Jun 18 2002

       Why not build eletronic things into it and control through comupter? you design it and sleep in a corner.the furniture will design itself as per your ideas. Well, I myself [-] my idea as a virus attack can make a monster outta ur furniture :( .
kamathln, Feb 07 2005

       ``Can glue be nauseous?
tiromancer, Feb 07 2005


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