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naked lady silhouette

deface naked lady silhouettes on rear automobile window
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Provide a kit to deface tacky naked lady silhouettes on rear automobile windows (angel & a devil) by adding male genitalia to each figure - creating confusion about what message they are trying to deliver
wally1, May 06 2010


       I am a great fan of addons to displays such as these.   

       It occurs to me that the naked lady silhouette, with or without male gentles, would be a good addition to the family stickers sometimes seen on the rear windows of SUVs.
bungston, May 06 2010

       I prefer title 'Deface Naked Lady Silhouette' or 'Naked Lady Silhouette Defacement Kit'.   

       I've never noticed these silhouettes.  Yet I would already like them to be defaced.  I would not do it myself, though.   

       I would also like male genetalia added onto christian fish symbols, yet I remain unsmitten.   

       I hope you know how to spell silhouette, because I'm copying you.   

       We called them Wally's in highschool, [genitalia1].   

       I would like to ad a male genetalia to your idea as a widely used symbol of opinion within this place we accounts know as Halfbakery.  But, instead, ibunia +.
Mustardface, May 06 2010

pocmloc, May 06 2010

       'Why can't you just use penis stickers?"
Have that page bookmarked, do you [21 Quest]?
phoenix, May 06 2010

       [pocmloc], Sp. 8===>   

       Let's All. [-]
MikeD, May 06 2010

       welcome to the halfbakery
I like half of your idea. I would like defacement kits for other things as [Mustardface] has suggested...but I will give you a whole bun this time.
xandram, May 06 2010

       //Have that page bookmarked//   

       I think I'll bookmark it now. Penis stickers are common as muck, but *handmade* penis stickers - you don't come across them every day!
wagster, May 06 2010

       //Why can't you just use penis stickers?//   

MikeD, May 06 2010

       I like the silhouettes. [-]
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2010

       I disagree with the MFD tag. Comforting as it is to know that there are people selling hand-made penis stickers on ETSI, they're too large and too colorful. The kit I imagine for this posting is much more specific to the ubiquitous silhouette, and would likely make very little sense without it. It would be funny not just for imagining the end result, but also for the fact that someone went through this much trouble to address this very specific need.
jutta, May 06 2010

       The idea as a hermaphroditic add-on is valid, [Jutta]. I have a problem, however with the premise it is being presented under: "Lets punish X by vandalizing their property."   

       [wally1], the majority of people displaying the naked lady silhouette placards are over-compensating, homophobic closet gays. They are big enough assholes on the road already. Who do you think is going to bear the brunt of their rage when they find their naked lady penisized?   

       Weak little sissy boys like you. That's who.   

       <goes outside to check mud-flaps for peni>
MikeD, May 07 2010

       I'm not convinced these studied celebrations of the female form are indeed naked - might they simply be sporting tight-fitting clothing?
zen_tom, May 07 2010

       In which case the defacing kit would represent more tent than tent-pole.
calum, May 07 2010

       (I love it.  We're holdin' court on lettin' one inch dicks in.  And Jutta's not MFD'n this thing!  I love it!)   

       I say, an inch in a pinch.
Mustardface, May 08 2010


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