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wearable time travel device
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The Leotardis is a fashionable and extremely functional time travel garment. Ditch the old police box! Flexible and made from breathable lycra, the Leotardis will cater for all of your time travel needs.
Percy_Bollard, May 13 2009

this one went toooo fast! http://www.mybodyan...xl_pp01b%5B1%5D.jpg
[xandram, May 13 2009]

When you start out on the outside of the joke, google is your friend http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDIS
[normzone, May 13 2009]

(?) What a Leotardis wearer may look like http://www.ourkitch...railer-tron-legacy/
(Note the Police-style Box) [Dub, May 13 2009, last modified Mar 31 2010]


       As it happens, the more arcane outreaches of Whovian fandom maintain that this precise garment is in fact baked. I'll try to find a link.
nineteenthly, May 13 2009

       What about that big uppy-downy bit in the middle?
zen_tom, May 13 2009

       There's a zip up the back which constantly fastens and unfastens as you travel through the Vortex.
[Bigsleep], good point. It's the ultimate elastane.
nineteenthly, May 13 2009

       In contrast to the gastric band, any time-lord wishing to put on a few pounds might opt for a gastric tardis, allowing them to eat considerably more pies than before. Alternately, a colonic tardis, removing the necessity to ever go for a poo (or at least, postponing it for some future epic movement)
zen_tom, May 13 2009

       the leotardis is one-piece and infinitely stretchable as it has to withstand the bending of time and space. It has been tested on black holes.
Percy_Bollard, May 13 2009

       If it had the other qualities of the tardis as well as time-travel, i.e. bigger on the inside than the outside, then it could have pockets that you could cram loads of stuff in. [+]
skegger, May 13 2009

       just reminds me of the lion, the stitch and the wardrobe...
po, May 13 2009

       [Dub] you bastard!, I have got to go to sleep in a minute!, How can I do that now, you unthoughtful wretch?.
Good Work!
gnomethang, May 13 2009

       i would hang this in my closet between to my invisibility cloak and my freight handling jump suit.
vfrackis, May 13 2009

       Ewwwww [Dub] Ewwwwwwwwwww
blissmiss, May 13 2009

       apologies. I got carried away
Percy_Bollard, May 13 2009

       //i would hang this in my closet between to my invisibility cloak and my freight handling jump suit.// Not forgetting the Secret Hat.
Aaaaw! Get a grip, [21Q], this is one of them funny ones.
There is room in here for all of us!.
gnomethang, May 13 2009

       [21], you seem particularly grumpy of late. Anything I can do to help? Email me if you wish.
normzone, May 13 2009

       Yeah email me too, while you're at it. But I don't offer help, just a little wine, personal abuse and the universe going pfoom!   

       Don't care for this idea. [21Quest] is right.   

       No need to apologise though, [Percy Bollard], to each his own. I'll just vote 'm as I see 'm.
zeno, May 13 2009

       Regardless of its other merits or shortcomings, it does make you think about elasticity in a new way. An entirely inelastic container can only hold objects smaller than it. An elastic one can hold objects which start off bigger but makes them smaller, though slightly bigger than before. Finally, there are conceivable materials so elastic that they can contain volumes many times their own without getting any bigger at all.
Are there any equations in mechanics to which one could do sufficiently silly things to make this "work" mathematically? If so, could that give us a recreationally mathematical extension to the whoniverse?
In other words, fan mathematics as opposed to fan fiction.
nineteenthly, May 13 2009

       Oh shit. This gets my vote if even just for [Dub's] stretchy man. Oh my God.
blissmiss, May 13 2009

       [gnomethang] Ayethankyou!   

       [blissmiss] Sorry about that.   

       [bigsleep] He's Tron guy, GIS him (Safe search set to VERY ON!)
Dub, May 14 2009

       thanks 21. learning. glad to discover this isn't all full of baked ideas, however baked mine might be. nice to join the half bakery.
Percy_Bollard, May 14 2009

       Ewwwww [Ian} Ewwwwww
blissmiss, May 14 2009

       I like it because all of the above!   

       perhaps the sheet of rubber that hawking mentions is lycra...
po, May 14 2009

       [ian] {Collects his jaw from the ground}
Dub, May 14 2009

       Interesting link. Two possibilities, i think. Either he has a well-developed sense of humour or perhaps irony, or he's almost as deep in denial as i am.
nineteenthly, May 14 2009

       21 Quest, obviously it uses the same time travel method as does its inspiration, the Tardis.
tatterdemalion, May 15 2009


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