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Yesterday's TV

Complete retransmission of every channel broadcast yesterday
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How often have you forgotten to set the video for that 'must-see' program? Or some colleague talks excitedly about a one-off show last night that was clearly the finest program ever seen? With the capacity available in digital tv, how about showing all of yesterday's tv again, giving everyone that extra chance to see it all. This has the added advantage of allowing one to video two programs on different channels that overlapped. Not anymore they don't - they can be seen on different days.

Obviously, weather forecasters would need to be replaced by something less obviously fictional for the re-runs.

drew, Feb 06 2002

All-Channel VCR http://www.halfbake...a/All-Channel_20VCR
[quarterbaker, Feb 06 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Get a TiVo.
sappho, Feb 06 2002

       //weather forecasters would need to be replaced by something less obviously fictional for the re-runs// Nope, it'll give either give them a 2nd chance to be right or make an easier target for muddy sandals.
thumbwax, Feb 06 2002

       Some digital channels already have a +1 counterpart, which simply lags an hour behind. This is normally enough to deal with overlapping programmes.   

       Won't work for the "did you see...last night?" syndrome though.
-alx, Feb 06 2002

       A TiVo only supplies part of the solution, albeit fairly well. It can't provide an entire copy of everything that was broadcast on all channels for the previous day.
drew, Feb 06 2002

       shameless self-promotion: see link
quarterbaker, Feb 06 2002

       qb: I don't see that as shameless self-promotion. The link is clearly relevant, and who better to remember its relevance than the idea's author? I think it's perfectly legitimate, at least to the extent that linking to hb ideas is legitimate, and I've read nothing to the contrary.
beauxeault, Feb 06 2002

       Could rename this "Tomorrow's TV".
pottedstu, Feb 06 2002

       If each channel is broadcasting yesterday's tv, what channel will today's tv be on?
snarfyguy, Feb 06 2002

       I'd like to vote for this, but I can't stand the thought of twice the tripe.
phoenix, Feb 06 2002

       There would have to be twice as many channels in use - but that's not really a problem with the capacity of digital tv.   

       And granted, there would be twice the tripe broadcast, but you don't actually have to watch it - there's a huge amount of poor tv broadcast today, but that doesn't detract from the good stuff - it just stops it all being crammed together, and allows you to leave the couch...
drew, Feb 07 2002

       Problem is you are watching yesterdays tv, and i dunno bout u, but i would forget the date, and u know, if i was watching more than yesterdays tv i wold gte really confused, then everyone starts watching yesterdays tv and before you know it your back in the dark ages... ARRRRRRRRRGH
Boristhemonk, May 24 2003

       The major networks in the US are in fact starting to catch on to this. ABC reran "Alias" and "Whose Line" a second time later in the week over on ABC Family. And it can go the opposite way, both "Monk" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" started on cable and then jumped over to their affiliated network for reruns.   

       I hope they do more of this, because even if you have a DVR, occasionally there's a show conflict you can't resolve. Second airings help resolve those.
krelnik, Sep 24 2003

       We were talking about this at lunch today and generally give it the thumbs up. However, a minor snag then arises. "Did you see this on the yesterday TV channel last night?"
PeterSilly, Apr 01 2004

       Channel 4 in the uk and it's digital channel E4 kind of do this in that on Sunday they repeat the previous weeks episodes of their top shows (us imports) such as ER and Friends.   

       i Wish they did this for more inteligent stuff, such as documentaries.
engineer1, Apr 01 2004

       i like the idea, although it does throw up more problems than it solves. One idea I had once (due to the relative ease a cable or sat channel can be added) was to have sep channels for the ongoing TV classics - The Sopranos channel! The Lost channel! You could just play the seasons overe and over so i could catch up on episodes I'd missed more easily.
drude, Feb 06 2007


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