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TVLand X-Treme

Dedicated channel to total retro television viewing.
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A regular channel such as ABC or CBS would be chosen, and the entire program lineup would be what was aired on that station, starting when that station first started broadcasting. All commcercials from the vaults and news programs included. When they station went off air at night back then, so would this channel. This would go on until possibly it caught up to modern day. Perhaps this could be an extra channel done by the parent channel, such as "CBS Retrovision" and "ABC Retrovision". Absolutely continous, all commercials from that day and News programming. Includes defunct products, cars, companies, you name it, just as it orginally aired.
Mellotroniac, Jan 14 2009

Halfbakery: The "TV of Yesteryear" Channel The_20_22TV_20of_20...eryear_22_20Channel
Close. [jutta, Jan 14 2009]




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