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Old radio/TV from space

A better reason for long range space missions.
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We are always hearing about how radio and TV siginals we broadcast have by now reached such and such star. Or planet X etc. We shoud equip a longrange probe like voyage with a reciever and transmission relay in order to beam these siginals beack to earth.

I have just realised that for this to be effective the probe would have to travel faster than the siginals i.e. faster than light, and so this is a bit WBINI, but if we could find a way of doing this (worm holes, warp travel etc), or reciving siginals reflected off something out there, this would be an effective way of getting copies of all those lost episodes of Dr Who.

Zircon, Feb 08 2002


       Not worth it for Dr Who, but I'd petition NASA to give this a go if we could catch up with the "Not Only But Also" episodes that the BBC wiped to save tape.
mcscotland, Feb 08 2002

       Splutter..../Not worth it for Dr Who/ Thats fighting talk....   

       Most of the episodes lost were good early ones, pity they couldn't have burned some of the later years instead...
Zircon, Feb 08 2002

       Excellent idea. My only qualm is - it would be pretty easy to work out how far a particular broadcast had travelled (let's say we're after a prog from 1964 - how far would that be?) BUT which direction would it have gone? Whereabouts in space would we send the reflector? If unsure, I'd say Planet X is a pretty good bet. Even if Doctor Who never made it there, it's probably got some very Doctor Who-ish things going on for real. Just take a camera along to film it.
Saveloy, Feb 08 2002

       Maybe we get lucky and it turns out someone has been taping it.
LoriZ, Feb 09 2002


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