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Oxygen Enriched Classrooms

Wake students up!
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Sitting through long, incredibly boring classes after waking up at 7 has always made me wish that schools would enrich the oxygen in classrooms. If an oxygen enrichment machine was hooked up to the central HVAC system, an entire school building could have oxygen levels high enough to wake everybody up and increase brain activity for better learning. If the oxygen level was, say, 30% students would look forward to going to class! Then smarter children (and college students) would come up with more great ideas like this one, and the world would be a better place. Vote +, for the children!
DIYMatt, Jul 24 2009


       [+] for the enhanced pyrotechnic opportunities.
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2009

       Thing is, kids would get acclimatised to the higher levels of oxygen, but when leaving the class would get all lethargic and out of breath.   

       Much better to restrict their oxygen intake at all other times of the day (until they acclimatise to that) and then introduce them to the relatively oxygen-rich atmosphere of the classroom - same results, half the oxygen!
zen_tom, Jul 25 2009

       [zen_tom], you should post that !   

       Simulated living at altitude ...
8th of 7, Jul 25 2009

       Doesn't that mean kids coming up with ingenious ways to burn the school down? And being smart enough to avoid being caught until the deed was done?
Bad Jim, Jul 25 2009

       Would this stop smoking in the classrooms? Next post: special bag to hold the cigarette, with an adjusted atmosphere inside.   

       By the way, not sure if there is any relationship, but didn't a well known person die recently, who was into breathing oxygen enriched atmospheres?
Ling, Jul 25 2009

       Each child wears a mask, piped in to a control panel at the teacher's desk with knobs for different gasses: o2, NO, SO2 etc...
pocmloc, Jul 25 2009

       .... HCN, CO, H2S, SO3, NH3 ......
8th of 7, Jul 25 2009

       If the teacher sees that the class is falling asleep, they can turn up the o2 level!
DIYMatt, Jul 26 2009

       I've thought about this idea myself. 1/2 a percent higher oxygen wouldn't be much of a fire risk and might pep people up in all sorts of environments. Offices, schools, at home. It's a good idea. I could see a prep school somewhere with a pumped up study room. Parents would pay for that. And I could see college kids / medical students sniffing O2 to get one more hour out of their day. And that'd be better then some of the stuff students do.   

       Also since the invention of oxygen concentrators, it wouldn't be necessary to transport large tanks of oxygen. Glass workers often use oxygen concentrators, elderly carry them around. There are even simple designs out there to build your own pressure swing oxygen concentrator using zeolite. They can be huge, low presure and building them is not as hard as it sounds. Anyway this idea could be implemented in all sorts of ways with today’s technology.   

       Quote: "The Boeing Co. in 2008 – on how pilots are affected by hypoxia – found that lower pressure means less oxygen in the atmosphere, which results in less oxygen in your body which translates to sluggishness."
steam_cannon, Jul 26 2009

       so why not just breathe faster ? :D
FlyingToaster, Jul 26 2009

       During one of the classes (a very long night class) in the EMT course, we covered putting an oxygen tank into operation. After the oxygen tank's seal was cracked for the 20th or so time, I noticed I wasn't as sleepy anymore.   

       I think this idea would definately have some perks, however, I'm sure there are some ramifications to increasing O2 percentages in children for such a long period of time. I still think it would be good to implement, though.   

MikeD, Jul 26 2009

       I'm all for something that can keep me up without energy drinks/caffeine.   

       Assuming a concentrator large enough for an office building or typical high school, I wonder what the cost of operation would be...   

       If you put a concentrator in a high school, maybe a class that uses a power-generating fitness center (probably shouldn't have mentioned power-producing gyms...) could be offered in place of PE to help offset the cost...   

wolstech, Jul 28 2009


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