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One More Day

-summer, -1 school day per week.
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This idea is to remove the summer break and let kids take all Wednesdays off school. This would make kids a bit more relaxed (the weekend, 2 days of school, 1 day off, 2 more days, the weekend, ect.) Wednesdays are sometimes cut into half-days anyway, but now half-days won't exist unless the teachers REALLY need more than 3 days to brush up on their knowledge. If the school board desides that taking Wednesdays off isn't possible/just plain awkward, Mondays or Fridays could be subsituted (hopefully Mondays, as Fridays are reknown for being fun and Mondays have a bad rap.) Of course, summer is really hot, (sort of the reason why we have summer break) but, with all the money being made and donated by successful students, all schools could get expensive A.C. Everything works out.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 06 2007


       You need to take out the advice: it's irrelavant to the idea, and thus dilutes the believability that this may, in fact, actually be an idea.
daseva, Oct 07 2007

       You forgot to add a wish for paid leave every Wednesday for all parents.
vincevincevince, Oct 07 2007

       Done, [daseva]! However, I couldn't bring myself to delete it forever. So I relocated it here.   

       Think about it, weekends were made to be days off from everything. Christians belive that God himself, like countless teens, rested on Saturday instead of doing chores or work. And, when it was retconned it to Sunday to help out those crazy rich sun-worshippers, we kept Saturday as a compromise. Adding an extra day, just for students, is like giving training wheels to a little kid, and then removing them when they get older. Then, they can embrace tradition a bit easier. If you don't have weekends off/a bit easier, regale your employer with my above wisdom. If the regaling gets you fired, go back to elementary school and enforce my idea (if you're drunk, please don't heed my advice.)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007

       This would wreck our income. It's hard enough for families to mesh school and work as it is. [-]
wagster, Oct 07 2007

       school staff need the summer - gawd I miss it.
po, Oct 07 2007

       Alas, I knew this would happen. However, I had to put out this idea, as it was going to happen eventually. Taking one for the team. Team? Aw man, they left me.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007


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