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Let's Put the 'Foot' Back in American Football

Annoyed my the soporific regularity with which extra points are successfully kicked?
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Time was when men were men, football players were football players (all your future points about the sport's misnomer are accepted and agreed to), and everybody played offense and defense. Now, specialization has taken the game to a point where kicking extra points is the domain of wispy, dweeby engineering majors who make the 10 yard kicks with the regularity of swiss time pieces. To the football watching public, this is now taken a signal to get up and visit the loo. Where is the drama?

I say the point should be kicked by the fellow who scores the touchdown. At a minimum, this will increase the drama under most circumstances, as receivers and running backs will struggle to make 70 percet of said kicks- enough uncertainty to make it interesting.

But the real fun occurs in those more rare instances when a great buffalo of a defensive lineman recovers a fumble and tsunamis his way 30 yards for a touchdown. Now, imagine that his team is down by one, and his team needs him to make that kick. He has not even attempted a kick since training camp, he is winded from what was for him a half-marathon, and the game rests upon his elephantine foot. Now there's drama.

jermleed, May 19 2003


       Simple, only allow a few substitutions during the game as in real football.   

       Good idea, have a croissant.
scubadooper, May 19 2003

       *Kicks bun*
thumbwax, May 19 2003

       It's called football and the field is measured in yards. Go figure.
sartep, May 19 2003

       Perhaps a better solution is to adopt the system currently used in rugby - anyone can kick the conversion/extra points but the kick must be taken from a point that is directly 'back' from the point where the try/touchdown was scored. Makes the angles more interesting and encourages the play to move through the middle.
my face your, May 19 2003

       "Annoyed my"? Are you trying to say that you're the one behind all this follery?   

       I meant to type "foolery", but I think I like it the way it is.
Eugene, May 19 2003


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