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Logarithmic Football

the long and the short of it
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Starting at midfield, lay out the 5 yard divisions on a logarithmic scale so that they are squeezed together at midfield and get bigger as they approach the goal lines. A first down at midfield would only require a ‘true’ 3 yards (10 on a logarithmic scale), while the last logarithmic 5 yard advance to the goal line would cover a ‘true’ 15 yards.
nuclear hobo, Apr 07 2007


       What would you do about the chains?
ldischler, Apr 07 2007

       You'd want Zeno on the team. (The Greek one, not the halfbaked one).
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2007

       Am I wrong in spelling it "logarhythmic"? That just looks like how it should be.
discontinuuity, Apr 08 2007

       Would work on a concave field.
daseva, Apr 08 2007

       "Oh no! The ball is loose! Both teams are scrambling for the fifty yard line!"
normzone, Apr 11 2007

       Also, exponential scoring would be a good idea, as the game gets closer to the end, the points go up, making it possible for example to be behind by 500 points, but still able to win in the last second. Team might have to delay scoring until the possible value was enough to win.
bonkers777, Feb 16 2009


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