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little windows everywhere

networked computers for additional visual/auditory gaming perspectives
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Most homes have spare computers that aren't used.

I propose that a game has an optional editor that will take home network info and screen placement measurement. This will allow spare machines to be set up around the primary screen in any orientation the gamer wants.

The game can then feed a scene camera to the screen. This could be done with multiple screens. Maybe screens can be set on the edge of peripheral vision. Sound too could be ported through these machines. A LCD stuck to the ceiling anyone.

Modern tech is very small windowed. This idea may cheaply open the viewing focus a bit.

wjt, Oct 17 2013


       If the game was called House Flying Through the Air, the effect would be considerably unnerving, sorta like the jarring sense of motion you get sometimes when many and differently facing windows are visible when riding a train.
the porpoise, Oct 17 2013

       // spare computers that aren't used //   

       You want to run that one by us again ... ? Sounds a bit ... weird.
8th of 7, Oct 17 2013

       A spare computer - the model in the back of the cupboard on top of the board games, that doesn't quite have a fast enough CPU , enough memory, and an ill upgraded OS.
wjt, Oct 18 2013

       More Glass (TM) than class.
4whom, Oct 18 2013

       I'm pretty sure software that allows users to use extra computers as extensions of the main screen (like a multi-screen setup) already exist. My roommate in college tried it for a while, though it was kind of slow and buggy.
5th Earth, Oct 19 2013

       The newness of the idea is that the screen placement coordinates dictate the new view on the action not just a wider view of the primary camera .
wjt, Oct 20 2013


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