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Moving Day

Use Accelerometer tilting to move things out the house
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It's a 3D game where you have a fixed perspective into a room. You use the accelerometer feature of a mobile device.

It's moving day and your goal is to figure out how to take out all the items within the house by way of not using your hands -- you use your accelerometer to tilt the phone back and forth to make objects fall from their current place ... don't break anything because then the game is over.

It's more a puzzle game since for example you can't let the lamp fall from atop the table without first sliding the cushiony carpet (via your accelerometer) next to the table (but remembering to be careful to to not slide it too much at once or the lamp will tilt over too and fall and smash). Once it is on the carpet you slide the carpet out the door and go for the next item in the house.

So really you have to plan ahead and see which items you take out first and which items you can leave till last. You tilt the phone or shake it rapidly and all the items flip and fly all over the place cause a big smash of everything -- Game Over.

corezz, Jan 26 2010


       I like this a lot.   

       In later levels, you could add frogger-style traffic on the sidewalk where you're trying to (not) run over a moving target for extra points - but don't do it without shaking too hard, or stuff in the house will break.   

       Other things that cushion: sofas, chairs. Sometimes, you could slide something onto a hard surface and then onto the ground, and the two smaller bumps will work where a bigger one doesn't.   

       If your time runs out, the moving van leaves with only some of your stuff. If that's unavoidable, pick the highest-value items first - but make sure they're not too fragile!   

       Things are modeled with: softness; friction coefficient on top and below; how hard they can fall before they break; what they look like before and after they break.   

       There could be things that contain something spillable that changes the friction coefficient of the stuff it ends up on.
jutta, Jan 26 2010

cowtamer, Jan 26 2010

       and marketable...
DrWorm, Jan 26 2010

       And there is a mobile phone on the table running the same game.
rcarty, Jan 27 2010

       Cuernito para ti, corezz. [+]
Pericles, Feb 04 2010

       You could also add a level set within the moving van itself. As it bumps along the road, you need to keep everything level and stop it falling out the back.
kodabar, Feb 07 2010

       This has iPhone app written all over it.
wagster, Feb 07 2010

       Or Android.
mwburden, Feb 07 2010


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