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Lifesize head mobile phone

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This is a mobile phone in the shape of a life-size head, such as you might find on a shop mannequin. You would use the phone by holding the head upside down pressed closely to your cheek (i.e. face, not buttock), so that you can talk into the microphone concealed in the ear and listen to the speaker concealed in the mouth.
hippo, Sep 25 2014

the old fashion phones http://www.onlinenu...ded/phone-heads.jpg
[xandram, Sep 25 2014]

Miku Hatsune giving "live" concert in Tokyo http://www.youtube....watch?v=GwRo8fQtqpE
..I think she's lip-syncing...swizz [not_morrison_rm, Sep 25 2014]

https://picasaweb.g...6028837944963596146 what it might look like, when supplied with convenient carrying handle [xenzag, Sep 26 2014]

or this http://dlwallhd.com...paper-hd-resolution
[not_morrison_rm, Sep 26 2014]

Doctor Who http://spdk1.files....les.png?w=584&h=319
[xandram, Oct 07 2014]


       Very Dom Joly. I'd prefer a Sooty handpuppet version though.

[ring tone]
[holds puppet to ear]
"Hello there Sooty! What's that? No, I haven't seen your water pistol. What does it look like?" [cue amusing water squirt].
DrBob, Sep 25 2014


       Maybe inadvisable, I mean look at Jacques de Molay.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 25 2014

       This might be cumbersome. Also, holding a head upside down next to your head might attract the wrong sort of attention. Perhaps if the head were attached to a SnorriCam like apparatus, positioned facing your face at a distance that would not have the speaker, if their head was where the headphone was, invading your personal space, that would be better for all concerned. Fewer askance looks would be garnered.   

       Also, the headphoen eyes could be screens that display the speaker's face, if the speaker is speaking using a phone that allows them to transmit their face through the phone. The nose could be used to emit the smell of bacon.
calum, Sep 25 2014

       //the wrong sort of attention// - is there such a thing?
hippo, Sep 25 2014

       No, you're quite right. I retract that part of my criticism. However, having seen the difficulties associated with transporting the head of Alfredo Garcia, the part about holding a human head upside down and pressed against your own presumably human head being potentially cumbersome I think stands.
calum, Sep 25 2014

       if you had a headphone made in your likeness it would give new meaning to talking to yourself.   

       also handing someone the headphone to continue a call or make a call would mess with the conventional meaning of "giving head" especially if it were made in your likeness and based on that I'm out.
vfrackis, Sep 25 2014

       Hmm, Wiliam Gibson does have a talking head in one story, but it's electro-mechanical, so a bit of bugger to make. Easiest would be Miku Hatsune, as she doesn't really exist, but all that blue hair might get in the way. Link.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 25 2014

       Why just the head, why not make the phone into a life sized realistic cadaver?
pocmloc, Sep 26 2014

       Too silly. Won't fit in pocket.
xandram, Sep 26 2014

       Make pocket bigger then. Are you being deliberately obtuse?
pocmloc, Sep 26 2014

       Plenty of space for batteries.   

       Hat and sunglasses extra. Neckties would fall off and so are not recommended. Small drawer in the back for breath mints.   

       Zaphod Beeblebrox seems to have been a precursor.
popbottle, Sep 28 2014

       Could this not be merged with the smart muzzle diet?
not_morrison_rm, Sep 28 2014

       You might have seen the new Doctor Who movie where he carries the head around and talks to it!!
xandram, Oct 07 2014


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