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cellphone hat

Hats to improve cell phone experience
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Cell phone antennas have 2 problems right now. They irradiate my brain and they still aren't very good.

Both problems could be solved by having metal lined cellphone hats. You could attach your phone to an antenna mounted on the top of the hat (good ground plane), or hold the phone to your ear, safe in the knowledge that theres's some reflective material between your antenna and brain.

The best part is the opportunity for hat fashion renaisance. Flapped hunting caps or a slanted beret would be good for side protection. Or you could wear an o-so-chic pillbox with conductive veil and a button on top for attaching the antenna.

(is this health, fashion or technology?)

tenhand, Aug 31 2000


       OK. #1. If you don't like phones, how did you connect to Halfbakery? #2. Hats only look dorky because so few people wear them. If everyone wore them then they would look OK. Remember, they didn't look dorky to everyone when they were in fashion.
Alcin, Sep 02 2000

       (Offtopic:) He said he doesn't like phones, not that he doesn't like phone *lines*, or modems. And for all we know, mrthingy uses a cable modem, or a satellite modem, or wireless broadband, or an Ethernet hookup from a neighbor, or maybe he surfs the net from work, or maybe he's a student... or maybe he does have a phone even though he doesn't like them, just because it's hard to be functional in society otherwise.   

       I agree with Alcin about hats; "dorky" is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and in comparison to society. If anything, the current hatless trend is an aberration.
egnor, Sep 02 2000

       Hats only look dorky because currently only dorky* people wear hats. Gable and Loy looked fine.   

       *meaning, either behind or ahead of the herd.
hello_c, Sep 07 2000

       But who would want to look non-dorky? (i.e. slavishly following the herd).
hippo, Sep 07 2000

       I think there are Anti-Gubmint-Mind-Control-Laser caps available that would serve this purpose and restore your freewill to boot.
centauri, Sep 11 2000

       Oh, just make a tin foil hat and tell anyone who asks it's so the aliens can'tcontrol your brain.
arghblah, Sep 28 2000

       There's a guy in L.A. who wears styrofoam,fern and antenna hats to receive messages from outer space. He waves to me by moving a finger about the length of the period at the end of this sentence.
thumbwax, Sep 29 2000


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