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Star Trek communicator

cell phone that looks like the communicators in the original Star Trek
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There's big money to be made here! they already have cell phones that have earpeices that flip up (instead of mouthpeices that flip down). exept for the location of the antenna, I think it would be quite easy to make a Star Trek communicator.
Emohawk, Mar 25 2000

epods.com http://www.epods.com
[triptych, Mar 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"Handheld" Cellphone http://www.halfbake...held_22_20cellphone
[dontthink, Mar 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Tricorder http://www.stim.com...arky/tricorder.html
Someone's already invented this and got permission to use the name; so why not a communicator? [arghblah, Feb 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Star Trek Communicator http://search.ebay....r+trek+communicator
While perusing - look for Replicator, not Magazine [thumbwax, Feb 15 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

fmag's Star Trek Communicators http://www.pirate.o...mdisplay.php?fid=15
[link moved from annotation] [bristolz, Mar 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       And while we're at it, why not a shoe phone like in Get Smart?
rmutt, Mar 25 2000

       McDonald's has a giveaway toy cell phone (doesn't really work) that looks like a package of fries.   

       It flips open to reveal a keypad. It has a battery, and when you press a button, it rings (pretty realistically) three times.
egnor, Mar 25 2000

       My kids have two of these. Ghod they are annoying...
tomierna, Mar 26 2000

       While you're at it, is there any chance someone can make me a Star Wars (IV) comlink? Looks like a souped up Chapstick. It would have to be voice activated and very smart, since there's no keypad. Oh, and it would probably have to run off watch batteries.   

       Incidentally, the comunicators that they used in Star Wars I was based on an Epilady razor.
centauri, Mar 27 2000

       I can only assume that the licensing fees Paramount is requesting have been holding up this product. The demand must be incredible. I've had people say to me, "I don't want a cell phone, but if they made one like a Star Trek communicator, I'd buy one."
Eeyore, Mar 28 2000

       I would like a phone like that suggested in "handheld" cellphone. Look ma! No expensive Hollywood licensing fees!!
dontthink, May 09 2000

       How about a phaser? I want a phaser! And Data! I want a Data! And a Counselor Troi! I want a Troi! *drooling...*
WRDRMR, Jul 01 2000

       It shouldn't be difficult at all to adapt either a Nokia or Motorola flip phone to look like a communicator at all. Nokia already makes replacement faceplates in dozens of styles- why not make one of those styles a Star Trek phone?   

       Anyone from Paramount, Nokia, or Motorola paying attention? This one'll sell like hotcakes!   

       (Which, on reflection, is a stupid expression. Anyone know where it came from?)
BigThor, Aug 31 2000

       I'm not clear when they abandoned the communicators (and were they the same as tricorders?) in favor of comm badges, which are marvelously context-sensitive in that they seem to listen to the conversation and know when you want to use them to communicate without you needing to touch them. I love the apparently optional thumping of the left breast, though. That's what I really want -- something so small as to be wearable as jewelry.
jurgen, May 29 2001

       [jurgen] Communicators are not the same as tricorders. And I dread the thought of having to coordinate my cell phone with my outfit (solved in ST by having everyone wear the same thing).
phoenix, Aug 20 2001

       I am a 4th year student at the University of Michigan and I'm working on a project to build a star trek communicator.
mdupuism, Sep 08 2001

       hot cakes maybe something to do with cakes being nicer when they're hot and hence selling faster. maybe? probably not
dekoi, Sep 08 2001

       Mdupuism: How is this going to be different from a normal walkie-talkie?
StarChaser, Sep 09 2001

       Er, you'd better build a transporter - I'm sick and tired of these traffic jams, if possible you can integrate your communicator, as long as I can turn it off. I shave wet.
rjwp, Sep 09 2001

       you spelt star trek wrong please change it!!!
GreeboMaster, Oct 20 2001

       Emo has not been around for eighteen months - did you upset him or something?
po, Oct 20 2001

       I read in the Star Trek 30th Anniversary book that anyone who succeeds in inventing a practical gadget featured in Star Trek can use its name. Someone's already invented a tricorder and markets it as such. (see link)

Ergo, someone ought to be able to simply design a cell phone that looks like a communicator from TOS.

What would be REALLY cool (at least for us ST geeks) is a cell phone like they use in TNG and onward.
arghblah, Feb 15 2002

       I want a Star Trek style reset button. Then at the end of every crappy work day I can press it and the effects of everything bad will go away (until the next episode).
sirrobin, Feb 15 2002

       I recently built two versions of Star Trek Communicator two way radios. If you want to check them out.
<admin: URL moved to 'link' -- bristolz>

fmag, Mar 25 2002

       I want a star trek light sword.
atoz, Sep 01 2002

       fmag/bristolz: I dunno, but something seems to have gone wrong there...
atoz: I think I missed that episode.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2002

       The evolution of the mobile stems directly from Rodenberry's creation of the communicator. I don't think that the way mobiles look today and their similarity to the communicator is coincidence. Either the look of the communicator entered into our psychi from star trek and mobiles became what we expected or the design of the communicator is the best form for a communications device to take... I dunno I'm just a poor librarian.
atoz, Sep 01 2002

       atoz - the flip thing is to take up the least space in your bag/pocket while still reaching from your ear to your mouth. nothing to do with star trek
chud, Sep 01 2002

       chud- maybe, but the star trek communicator did precede the mobile and i'm sure the communicator took up less space in Kirk's pocket because it folded. Also modern mobiles have good microphones replacing the need for an extension. I think people just like the action of opening a phone to use it.
atoz, Sep 03 2002

       Sorry, atoz, but Star Fleet uniforms in TOS HAD no pockets. Items like phasers and communicators were stuck to the beltline with Velcro.
grouping, Jun 15 2003

       I thought of it first:-) Oh an while we are at it, can I have a 7of9 also...?
franklydude, May 01 2004


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