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Snorkel Phone

realise an underwater future - out of water
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As you walk down a busy city street the snorkel phone users look from the outset that they are wearing underwater breathing apparatus with accompanying mask.

Upon closer inspection it can be noticed they are in fact phones with accompanying visual display of the person they are talking to shown on the the inside of their mask.

They are of course standing still - as authorities outlawed talking and walking since their introduction, and the flippers make it somewhat difficult to walk anyways.

Briefcases evolve to 'tank - like' backpacks however the suit and tie and powerdress still remain - made entirely from rubber.

benfrost, Jul 25 2001


       This sounds like a good bit for collaborative web fiction... it'd be easy to take some real news stories about cell phones and turn them into stories about snorkel phones.   

       As for the idea itself, don't outlaw all movement... have users get about by lying belly down on a wheeled dolly. Then by pushing themselves along with hands and feet it would look very similar to swimming.
PotatoStew, Jul 25 2001

       I envision the glass in the mask to be seethrough when you need to walk around - but then when you want to visualise an incoming call the glass itself becomes the monitor.   

       The flying fish idea is quite scary. Used as a surveillance police tool the flying fish would swarm the streets in schools, darting off here and there to watch you litter do bad things etc. Vehicles would become boat like and special bait on a hook would be the only way to deter the probing camera fish.
benfrost, Jul 31 2001


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