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Like this, like that

visualised consumer connected concepts
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What if an online application existed that simply helped people recommend movies, books, services to others. The interface and premise should be really simple: In really big type, two boxes and a submit button:

If you like [.......] you will like [........] [submit]

The database will create the connections and all sorts of interesting visualisations of these pairs would become possible. More importantly, the adjacent connections would also be interesting. In reality, strings of concepts could become connected and help people find content, Web sites, brands - anything really - based on what they like and what the swarm likes.

ljj, Feb 01 2009


       Unfortunately quite baked: the commercial part of the Internet thrives on applications that try to tailor commercial content to surfers' habits.   

       Though the idea of a user-controlled version sounds nifty.
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2009

       great idea [+].   

       The 'likeness' information could be gathered from pages like myspace and facebook where people list the things they like. It would be a great exercise in datamining; looking for correlations in the sea of data.
xaviergisz, Feb 01 2009

       [ ] the idea might be worth a [+] but what you said is an existing [-]. I think [ljj] wants an app where a person can type/plug in data and get a list of possibilities, not the current crop of data-leeches we already have.
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2009

       Amazon.com's been doing this for years.
Cedar Park, Feb 03 2009


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