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Low bandwidth version of youtube
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I just went out and bought a more powerful router to be able to watch videos on YouTube with out waiting for 15 seconds every 15 seconds. This us with the cable company's "high bandwidth" connection. It was the cable company's suggestion to buy the new router. I expect the cable company will blame Youtube and the buck will be passed on down the line until I am a gigantic heap of choice-making capability with no money or kids and the fat owners of all of those companies form a gigantic torus around the earth made of fritos and babies. An alternative would be for someone to create a remediation of YouTube that lowers their bandwidth so that the essential information is there but you could watch it over a dial up modem. I realize that the giant torus of fritos andbabies would never permit this as it would threaten the integrity of the attitude of their craft, but still, it could done on the sly, started by a lean and hungry group of outcast teenage hackers and developed on the international level by people who are not totally committed to having their frito- eating babies become part of the cirporate borg.
JesusHChrist, Dec 17 2011

Lo-Fi YouTube http://www.youtube.com/account_playback
[Klaatu, Dec 18 2011]


       Select 240p when playing a video. Also, the mobile app for youtube on my phone automatically plays in low quality when I'm using 3g.
DIYMatt, Dec 17 2011

       Presumably there are browser plug-ins which force the lowest available resolution. The one I downloaded hasn't worked so far, though it does succeed in popping up an options menu (long since filled in) which annoyance is now in addition to having to manually select the video resolution size and then select it again if going for full-screen playing.
FlyingToaster, Dec 17 2011

nineteenthly, Dec 17 2011

       I have a browser plugin (YousableTubeFix) which allows one to set the default quality on youtube, as well as optionally hiding all the junk around the video.
mitxela, Dec 17 2011

       // cirporate borg //   

       Sp. "corporate".   

       And a capital "B" in "Borg", IF you don't mind.   

       Nobody made you sign up with AOL ...
8th of 7, Dec 17 2011

       You can set up your YouTube preferences to take into account to "Never play higher-quality video". <link>
Klaatu, Dec 18 2011


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