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Language barter

Teach each other your languages
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Teach your language in return for learning the other person's language.

A chat site where you can learn a language (speaking it, understanding it, and then reading and writing in it).

You can also save and submit sections of video or text exchanges which were useful and helpful.

An online translation unit, connected with Google nice to have, and this could be sold to Google...

pashute, Jan 02 2017

Klingon for English Speakers https://incubator.d...urses/tlh/en/status
Estimated Completion Date: August 1, 2017 [popbottle, Jan 07 2017]


       [+] Exchange rates might come into play. (1) If you only speak Tamil, it's likely going to be hard to find someone who can teach you Navajo. English, on the other hand, is a common currency. (2) Exchange rates aren't purely transitive. It's probably much easier to change your Sri Lankan rupees into Surinamese dollars by going through the Euro in between. Similarly, there are bilingual speakers of English and Elven, and there are bilingual speakers of English and Klingon, but how many bilingual speakers of Elven and Klingon are out there?
kevinthenerd, Jan 06 2017

       // how many bilingual speakers of Elven and Klingon are out there?// I'd ask [8th].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 06 2017

       I suspect quite a few. The Venn diagram circles of Star Trek and Tolkien aren't terribly far apart.   

       How many of them speak female however is another matter altogether.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2017

       Duolingo.com basically does this, but the commitment to teach involves you and say four others producing a complete course over months. Along with thirty or so more normal language courses, they are now doing one in Klingon.
popbottle, Jan 07 2017

       P'Tach !   

       Yes, we are fluent in both Klingon and Elvish.   

       Speaking female is comparatively easy. Understanding female ... now, THERE'S a challenge .... a bit like perpetual motion, or time travel ...
8th of 7, Jan 07 2017

       lupDujHomwIj luteb gharghmey.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2017

       When studying in teachers seminary, my mother taught a class of first grade little girls of Satmar Hassidim.   

       They sat in the class politely and smiled to her while she read them a story. Then, when it was over one of the girls raised her hand. Teetcherr, she said with an Hungarian accent, Vee don't farschtand!
pashute, Jan 08 2017


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