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Lil’ Sapper’s Plastic Explosive Playdough Playset.

Playdough for your little demolitions expert in the making
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What better way to teach your children the fundamentals of field expedient explosives than with the Lil’ Sapper’s Plastic Explosive Playdough Playset, brought to you by MikeD Enterprises.

The Play Set includes:

Playdough, packaged in 1.25 Oz rectangular packages, each wrapped in O.D. green cellophane, miniature M.D.I. initiation systems and plastic molds so your child can create field expedient shaped charges, linear shaped charges, platter chargers, and an endless variety of steel cutting charges.

*Playdough included in playset does not actually detonate

MikeD, Dec 29 2010


       There is no immediately obvious way by which this idea can be improved.   

       Except by having explosive playdough, of course.   

8th of 7, Dec 29 2010

       Some future Marine demolition trainer:   

       "You know, it's really strange. I never used to get grunts coming in with a lot of bad habits to unlearn..."
lurch, Dec 29 2010

       //a lot of bad habits to unlearn...//   

       Shouldn't be so difficult, Marines excel at unlearning.
MikeD, Dec 29 2010

       You got a bun for the title alone. Haven't even read beyond that yet, but unless you say something like: "To show children the futility of solving problems with explosives" the bun will remain.   

       Ok, read it. Not sure I like the last line but the bun remains.
doctorremulac3, Dec 29 2010

       When I built a radio with my dad as a child I remember a little book we used had a water-through- pipes metaphor to help the child understand how invisible electricity and sterile circuit gubbins worked. Perhaps a little faux-bomb kit could be made with bubblegum, straws,tubes, compressed gas canister etc. The metaphor in the little book could be reversed as electricity. Most of the air powered gubbins wouldn't be 'automatic' like electrical components, but the child should know he/she dies when the bubblegum pops.
rcarty, Dec 29 2010

       //...but the child should know he/she dies when the bubblegum pops//   

       If you write a book carty, I'd use that as your lift quote. It would catch my attention.
doctorremulac3, Dec 29 2010

       This would have the advantage of diverting the destructive instincts of youngsters into rather more regulated channels, rather than parents having the experience of being summoned to their child's primary school to be informed that the staff had confiscated a cardboard box containing wire, batteries, a small alarm clock, various micro-, tilt- and trembler-switches, a "double-safe" arming circuit and a quantity of plasticine representing the main charge.   

       On being questioned on the purpose of said box, the teachers were alarmed to be informed, "I no longer wish to go to school, so I am making a bomb with the intention of demolishing the critical utilities in the early hours of a Sunday morning. The school cannot open with its water, electricity and gas supplies destoyed, and heating plant severely damaged. Repair of these systems takes much longer than classrooms."   

       It might also save the mother from crushing embarrasment, and the head teacher from frozen horror and a potential heart attack, if the father, on being presented with the product of his first-born's ingenuity, didn't peer into the box and then smile, pronouncing his verdict of "The little chap's done damned well. It's just like the diagram I gave him".   

       Fortunately, your society has developed institutions where such amoral, sociopathic individuals with an unhealthy obsession with violent destruction can be effectively contained. In the UK, it's called "The Royal Engineers".
8th of 7, Dec 29 2010

       Special Forces Engineers.   

       "If there's a problem that can't be solved with high explosives, we have yet to see it."   

       They don't actually say that, but I propose that as their motto.
doctorremulac3, Dec 29 2010

       Maybe you could also do a teenagers range that exploded *just a little bit*?
wagster, Dec 29 2010

       aw can't it detonate just a little?
Voice, Dec 30 2010

       Include flashbulbs. Maybe both electrical and mechanical (like the ones in the old MagiCube flash cubes) types.
lurch, Dec 31 2010

       //amoral, sociopathic individuals with an unhealthy obsession with violent destruction can be effectively contained.//   

       Here in the good ol' US of A, it is the U.S. Army Combat Engineers. Those escpecially violent wind up in the 82nd Airborne Division. And we are having a blast.
MikeD, Dec 31 2010

       You're talkin' 'bout 'merica?
rcarty, Dec 31 2010

       Hold on - sappers don't just demolish and blow stuff up (do they?). They build stuff too - bridges etc.?
Jinbish, Dec 31 2010

       That's the theory, yes.
8th of 7, Dec 31 2010

       Righto. Box ticked. Paperwork done. As you were...
Jinbish, Dec 31 2010

       Bun! [+]
Grogster, Jan 01 2011

       //They build stuff too - bridges etc.?//   

       That's what the recruiter said; "Engineers build shit and blow it up". So far, I have blown shit up and *been* blown up. The only thing I have built is a "beeramid"... recreationally.
MikeD, Jan 01 2011

       The trick with those is to stick a 10-gram PETN booster block and an electric det in the centre can of the bottom row, then when the beeramid reaches monster proportions, fire her up.   

       NB do not do this indoors, in a tent, or when - however much you loath and detest them - some snotty Captain from the Civil Affairs Team, a total arsehole infIicted on your unit by the Staff just to get them out of GHQ for a few days has a "few beers with the lads" and is given the "honour" for placing the final can on the top.
8th of 7, Jan 01 2011

       As a youth, I realized the danger of explosives, so arranged to use 'relatively' safe methods to make things go bang: *   

       1) Glass ampoules filled 80% with water, neck heated to plasticity in a butane torch then pinched with needle-nosed pliers. This closed capsule was then set into the flame of an alcohol lamp and gave a truly satisfying "BLAM."   

       2) Exploding wires - high voltage / energy capacitor (50-200 J) dischaged through 30 guage copper wire makes a splendid "BANG," and is easily controlled using an ignitron (mercury vapor discharge tube.)   

       * Do NOT try either of these techniques without wearing hearing and eye protection!
csea, Jan 01 2011

       I was recently priveledged to witness a demonstration of explosives, where eye protection was set six inches from a blasting cap.   

       Wear your eye protection farther away than that distance.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 02 2011

       I wouldn't recommend flying with this toyset.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2011


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