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Printer Putty

Real world version of what we have been doing digitally for years
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Certain plastics like Silly Putty have an ability to absorb ink very well. Take a thin sheet of a Silly Putty-like substance and place it on a piece of printer formatted wax paper.

The end result would be a picture that you can squash, streatch, nudge, smear and even peel off and place over a textured background.

It works with most inkjet printers and you get much brighter colors than just gleaning pictures from newsprint.

sartep, Jun 22 2003

SuperGoo http://www.scansoft.com/supergoo/
[Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I do think Silly Putty should be a standard office supply. Ever have to sign 50 papers? And they insist that it be your original signature and not a photocopy each time? Silly putty to the rescue.
Ever have to write "Does not reflect adjustments for new and late entrants" in pencil on 6 different printouts? Silly putty to the rescue.
phundug, Jun 22 2003

       Probably wouldn't work too well with impact or laser printers but inkjet might be nice. For the other printer types, output to paper first, then transfer.
phoenix, Jun 23 2003

       Have you ever tried to get all of that ink off the silly putty? Yes, it does transfer ink but it keeps most of it and then your putty is a slightly darker color.
sartep, Jun 23 2003


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