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Michael Jackson Silly Putty

Because he might as well exploit the notoriety.
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It has been well-publicised that, after years of financial success (and excess), ole Jacko has been falling heavily into money problems. At the same time, he is well-aware (as are we all) of the flack he's taken for all of his various plastic surgeries and apparent skin lightening treatments.

Face it (no pun intended), his appearance has changed hundredfold over the past thirty years.

Meanwhile, Silly Putty, for whatever reason, has been making something of a comeback in recent months. Jackson should take advantage of this, and strike a deal with the manufacturer of to license his likeness across the Silly Putty line. Rather than distribute the putty in the traditional "eggs", they would sell the Jacko Putty in transparent Michael Jackson "heads". Optionally, they could have a whole line of faces that span the years from the 70s to current-day, each putty having a slightly different colour tone from the one before it, encouraging consumers to "collect them all!"

If this was done, I have no doubt that we'd see entire collections on Ebay in no time.

cswiii, Dec 09 2002

Michael Jackson's face http://anomalies-un...ed.com/Jackson.html
[hippo, Oct 04 2004]


       michael jackson is bad
benfrost, Apr 01 2005

       I think you might scare a child in a store, if he passes by a rack with one of these on it. Imagine, a cold blank stare, coming out of a dark corner, and guess what? It's michael Jackson's face! Ack!
EvilPickels, Apr 02 2005


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