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Lipstick technology diaper cream

Stays on!
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There are new lipsticks out which stay on all day and do not wipe off. I tried googling for a good link, but got swamped in advertisements. In any case, it is my understanding that these new lipsticks are a technologic advance.

I propose this same technology be used for diaper creams. This would go on and stay on, forming a moisture barrier that would last all day, and not be wiped away at the first diaper change.

bungston, Oct 22 2004

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       Baked - spray paint.
Worldgineer, Oct 22 2004

       Most petroleum-based products stay on for a long time. What I like about this idea is the roll-on aspect. That would be a vast improvement on the current application method. (Although with all that white cream under one's nails, one could almost pass it off as a French manicure).
lintkeeper2, Oct 22 2004

       The all-day lipsticks are essentially paint. One of my employees complained of the lipstick drying her lips out, though they continued to look moist.   

       As for all day moisture barrier, I'm not so sure that would be a good thing. A *moist* moisture barrier? Perhaps baby powder would absorb moisture better over the course of a day, but I might be misunderstanding the function here...
justibone, Mar 23 2005

       I like the thought, but I miss something that makes it safe for the delicate skin. The cream we use now is pretty good and we have the same problem, one pee and it's gone! But we just change the diapers every time we feed her. Keeps her awake for a second helping and her hiney is allways clean.
zeno, Mar 23 2005


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