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My First SpaceSuit

Do you remember yours?
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I think a popular outfit for a certian age group of children would be spacesuits. Maybe between the ages of 2 and 6. Then, on your seventh birthday, you remove the suit and are allowed to walk amongst men. In this way, the spacesuit would also facilitate a psychological initiation into the real world at a young age.

It would keep your child safe, and they wouldn't have to worry about peeing their pants all the time, because this spacesuit would have all the exact functionalities as a real spacesuit. These things would be pretty expensive, but hey, if it's good enough for Neil Armstrong it's good enough for my kid.

Also, maybe include some springy new and improved moonboots, but I don't know if they should wear these anywhere but the backyard or if their PARENTS say so. Unfortunately, this will also lend the child an avenue of mischief, but the benefits of the suit may outweight these costs.

Did I mention that this would singlehandedly raise a generation of astronauts that could save civilization? It's a stretch... Probably not, but I bet these kids would me more inclined to read a book about it. What does that say? Not a lot. Not much, but it's something to think about...

daseva, Feb 04 2007


       Kids don't need any reasons to spend four years in a spacesuit - it is it's own justification.
wagster, Feb 04 2007

       I've constructed one out of tinfoil and am wearing it right now.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 04 2007

       baometric pressure control and pure air supply will evade most illnesses during this period of weakness for the immune system. Can you're tinfoil do that?
daseva, Feb 04 2007

       It'll stop the aliens transmitting evil ideas directly into his head.
wagster, Feb 04 2007

       //pure air supply will evade most illnesses during this period of weakness for the immune system//   

       ...And they die very rapidly of complete immune system overload upon being exposed to our germ-infested environment.   

       On the other hand, we could evolve an entirely new type of "small person", simply by not ever upgrading the size of the space suit for your kid....   

       Lotus-child, anyone?
Custardguts, Feb 05 2007

       "Pa, I have a problem"<peep>
Ling, Feb 05 2007

       //It'll stop the aliens transmitting evil ideas directly into his head.//   

       Don't bet on that - mwu-hahahaha!
pertinax, Feb 05 2007

       Superb idea. Let them out at 30.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 06 2007

       Regarding the immunity effects, perhaps we can carefully administer immunostimulating microbes to the air stream. In this way, we would minimize illness, while fine tuning developmental cycles in the immune system.
daseva, Feb 06 2007


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