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EverDry Diaper

Your baby's butt is always dry!
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Parents with young children spend a lot of time changing dirty diapers. What if they only had to change the diaper a couple times a day with no health repercussions? Introducing the EverDry diaper. The EverDry diaper is made out of a superabsorbent cloth material that makes the diaper dry out very quicly after a child urinates. In addition, there is an antibacterial agent that keeps the diaper from growing bacteria. This allows the diaper to stay on the child for hours and hours until the child goes poo.

Poo is caught by a disposable liner that is placed inside the diaper. It's quick and easy to remove the disposable liner and flush it down the toilet. The liners are coated with a slick material that prevents the diaper from chaffing and help prevent diaper rash.

flynn, Oct 13 2009

The ShamWow (absorbant towel) https://www.shamwow.com/ver15/index.asp
[flynn, Oct 13 2009]

Disposable Diaper Liners http://www.tinytush...iners_p_79-572.html
[jutta, Oct 13 2009]

Pampers BabyDry UltraAbsorb Core™ http://www.pampers....roddetail/id/900804
[jutta, Oct 13 2009]


       If changing your children when they have soiled themselves is causing you difficulty, just hire another servant to do it for you. I never understand the preoccupation of some with finding technological solutions to problems which can be solved by giving the gift of employment to someone who needs it.
vincevincevince, Oct 13 2009

       Material would be similar to the "Shamwow" (see link). But different because it would also be antibacterial.
flynn, Oct 13 2009

       @ 21 Quest - A child urinates serveral times a day. A child usually only poos a couple of times, so the diaper would have to be changed much less frequently.
flynn, Oct 13 2009

       You're aware that many industrial disposable diapers work according to this principle, yes? A strongly moisture-absorbent material (behind a one-way wicking textile) is involved, complete with a widely advertised claim about dryness and comfort; and disposable diaper liners exist as well.   

       So, I'm not sure which part of this you think is new.
jutta, Oct 13 2009

       [jutta]; industrial disposable diapers as opposed to the ones designed for home use?
vincevincevince, Oct 13 2009

       [vvv], if you had an industrial baby you would understand.
pocmloc, Oct 13 2009


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