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Game Show Diapers

Babies never look at the bunnies on their diapers
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Why are disposable diapers (nappies) plastered in pictures of cute animals when the babies never look at them? The pictures should be something that parents want to look at. Why not put a trivia question on each one... and have the answer in that magic ink that only reveals itself once wet? Each diaper-change would then turn into a nailbiting episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire.
KB2, Apr 19 2001


       Assuming the answer was on the outside, I think it would add a much-needed boost to a hapless task. It could also be an invaluable way of continuing the education of young mothers that have had to drop out of school. You could even have a progression from GCSE nappies to Open University nappies. Sending away your work for examination could raise some difficulties though.
chimpboy, Apr 21 2001

       PeterSealy - that's like saying "baked in the sense that the question:answer format is already well established." The spirit of the joke, which Chimpboy ran with, was that seeing the content of a nappy is an inevitable aspect of the changing process.
KB2, Apr 22 2001

       ...Which are baked anyway, in the sense that excited game show contestants exist and that some percentage of them are undoubtedly incontinent, and that some individuals among this subgroup almost certainly make use of adult diapers, and that most of the rest wear underwear made of cotton, which is incontestably an absorbent material.   

       At any rate, any failings on this title's part in terms of precision or clarity are more than made up for by the fact that it's impossible to combine its three words in any way that doesn't result in another interesting idea title or arresting newspaper headline.
Monkfish, Apr 22 2001

       How about fortune cookie quips so when the diaper is wet then it would reveal something like "There is change in your future."
The collector, Jul 13 2008


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