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Little Packet of Chopsticks

For those delightful cups of soup
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We all know of those Cup Noodles styrofoam-cup ramen filled quick fix food things. For those who are clueless, see link.

These things are great. Just add hot water, and eat. Easy to clean up.

Except... While water and a microwave are easy enough to find, getting your hands on a utensil can be hard sometimes. Its not like people just carry around forks in their pockets.

Would it be so hard or expensive to add a small pair of chopsticks to the packaging? They dont need to be too big. Just long enough to guide the noodles from the cup to your mouth.

DesertFox, Sep 24 2006

Cup Noodles http://images.googl...+Search&sa=N&tab=wi
No, not Cup of Noodles, Cup Noodles [DesertFox, Sep 24 2006]

Telechopsticks http://www.shoplet....ffice/db/g1718.html
These handy little devices are perfect for those that have short arms, or long tables. [Ling, Sep 25 2006]

Could you pass me *this* plate please? http://us.st11.yimg...achers_1916_1094093
[Ling, Sep 25 2006]


       Isn't that what pencils are for these days? What's that? You say you still sharpen your pencils for everyday use? How quaint! And I suppose you also write by hand on paper then stick a stamp to an envelope to communicate with someone. My goodness, aren't we just so 20th century.
Canuck, Sep 24 2006

       I've had instant noodles with a little folding fork included in the packet. folding or telescopically extendable chopsticks would be cool though.
xaviergisz, Sep 24 2006

       Cup Noodles make Mother Nature cry.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 24 2006

       //telescopically extendable chopsticks// Made from tightly rolled up waxed paper: give them a twist and they extend; then the heat of the noodles can be used to set them.
Ling, Sep 24 2006

DrCurry, Sep 24 2006

       I've used those folding forks. Carefully. Now I carry a set of chopsticks in my bag.   

       Telescoping chopsticks could be done a couple of ways, but this idea doesn't suggest them. It just says, "Would it be so hard . . ." to do something fairly obvious.
baconbrain, Sep 24 2006

       "While water and a microwave are easy enough to find, getting your hands on a utensil can be hard sometimes. Its not like people just carry around forks in their pockets."
They probably don't have space for forks if they have a microwave in their pocket!
MikeOliver, Sep 24 2006

       I thought you were soupossed to eat the plastic cup. If you cook em too long, and come back after the party, they all belong to the same food group. Plutonoodles with little seasoning packets that you lost 4 hours ago.   

       [MikeOliver]??????Back to School????
blissmiss, Sep 25 2006

       Simon slipped his hand into the breast pocket of his suit jacket. He pulled out the shiny silver case and deftly popped it open with one hand. There inside lay the smooth ivory utensils that his great-grandfather had bought over a century ago in Hong Kong. They had been passed down through the generations from father to son, and soon Simon would prepare to teach his own son how to use them.   

       He carefully picked up the handle of one chopstick and almost ritualistically twisted it onto the matching tip. The fully-assembled chopstick was laid across the edge of his plate next to the Kung Pao chicken. He then put together the second chopstick, taking care not to twist the tip on too tightly, and laid it alongside the first. Seeing the chopsticks side by side on the gleaming dinnerware, Simon remembered his grandfather's patient instructions on their proper use, and the many hours and meals they had consumed together back when dining was an experience instead of a task. He winced as he watched his own son awkwardly grasping a pair of cheap telescoping chopsticks as if wielding a hammer, vainly trying to shovel food into his gaping maw. Simon waved for their waiter, and quietly asked that his son be brought a fork. Then he picked up the ivory tools and surveyed the delectable morsels that were heaped upon his plate. Each piece in turn was quickly and expertly carried mouthward, securely held between the tips of those well-worn utensils.
Canuck, Sep 25 2006

       You are such a gift to life at the halfbakery. (However I feel shameful. I read that as "fully assembled bitchstick").   

       Probably crummy mood, crummy day, less than crummy hour, and things don't seem to be getting better soon.   

       So hear my hope, that hopes you are well.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2006

       Link for telechopsticks.
Ling, Sep 25 2006

       <Psst...> [bigsleep], those soup cups have noodles in them. The chopsticks are for the noodles. </Psst...>
DesertFox, Sep 25 2006

       Somebody voted against utensils?
undata, Sep 26 2006

       <OT> [blissmiss] is back? When did [blissmiss] come back? </OT>
m_Al_com, Sep 26 2006


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