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Live Broadcast, Diff. Locations, 1 Chatroom

Now everyone watching the same thing (regardless of where its from) can begin chatting with other people about it.
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When watching LIVE broadcasts online from local affiliates tv stations or broadcasts from say Whitehouse.gov or being broadcast by CNN Livestream sometimes it would be nice to see what the ongoing live chat is happening across ALL these definitively related broadcasts by way of allowing one to have a browser plugin that would pop up and you can begin chatting with other people who not only were watching this live broadcast but were doing so from different sources (some may be on CNN Livestream while others are watching it live on their tv station's website).

Here are some specifics:

o User inputs key tags about the event e.g. "Obama, New Jersey". The system identifies other people who input these tags (or synonyms) and connects these groups of people together to talk.

o Users can drag/drop links and images into the chat window -- they are placed in a fixed area for others to see. This data content is then made available to all who enter this chat room (categorized by its type e.g. "Live Video", "Image", "Text", "Links". This is useful for getting a collection of Live video feed links collected by everyone related to the topic so everyone has multiple sources to watch the event. You can also drag the live video image into the window and it will even capture the frame for others to see.

o Chat messages will be inlined as a sub-comment reply to who that person is talking to (resolves the issue of IRC like messy like commenting where everyone is talking at once).

o Spam is resolved by group moderation. It will still exist but if the live discussion is popular then a collection of people can essentially keep banning those who are bad.

o It is a add-on/plugin for the browser and/or peopple can visit the online site.

quantass, Jul 17 2009


       [-] pointless: the useful parts are already baked: just open an IRC channel or similar. The silly parts ("hey let's chat with 10,000,000 other people at the same time) are just that: silly.   

       Might be an idea for a newschannel to open their own IRC or webchat server but even with "only" 50 people logged in it'll be a mess: 30 will be lurking; 10 will be talking all at once, making the chat almost impossible to read; 5 will be flaming the channel with insane propoganda; and 5 will be bots handing out links to pornsites.
FlyingToaster, Jul 17 2009

       This is a good idea, but it would be pretty hard to get it right in terms of user interface, etc. I'm sure it will eventually be baked.   

       Might be a good match with upcoming Google Wave.
calculust, Jul 17 2009


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